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How to Quote: 

It is our job to make sure that both our customers and tradies have been matched and that the process is fair. It is important to us that customers are receiving competitive quotes and that businesses who sign up with us are getting quality jobs. Quoting accurately will help you win more work and grow your customer base.

Congrats! You have been sent a request for a quote, so the first step is to decide which method is best.


There are 3 options

Depending on the job and which method you and your business are most comfortable with, you can either:

  • Quote a fixed price
  • Provide an hourly quote
  • Request a site inspection if further information about the job is required. If you pick this option, you will immediately be given the customers contact information for you to arrange an inspection.

The next step is to ensure that you provide a quote that is fair for both you and the potential client.

We understand it can be challenging pricing a job without all the information necessary however, it is important that you provide the customer with the most accurate quote possible. It can be helpful to use past work to gage an appropriate price for the job. You must also consider that customers are not always looking for the cheapest service, so it is best to quote based on your experience and quality of work. We highly suggest that you break down the prices in the quote to the customer and avoid hidden costs so that there are no surprises once the job is completed.

Make your business stand out!

Here are a few tips on improving your chances of winning the job (these are not required but recommended):

Send a personal message
Taking some initiative by sending a personal message to a potential client can make all the difference and set your business apart from the others. Please see the example below of a personal message:

Hi Jane,
I appreciate the opportunity to quote on your job. My name is Bob and I am the owner of Bob’s plumbing. After reading the quote, I believe I know what is required to complete the job to a high standard and at a competitive price. I have 12 years experience and offer guarantees on all my work. I am happy to show you photos of previous work and I can give references for assurance. I have done a very similar job in the past and it cost the customer $(…..) and they were very happy. That is based on (…..) hours of work at $ (…..) per hour. It is best if I see the job to quote more accurately and we can discuss the project further. I am friendly and hard working so please allow me the opportunity to undertake this job. If you have a questions please don’t hesitate to call or email.
Kind Regards,

Give the potential client a call

To take it one step further, it is recommended that you give the customer a friendly call not only to help build rapport, but also to get more details on the job for a more accurate quote. If you still require more information you can use this as an opportunity to arrange a site inspection.

Ensure all your information on your Premium Profile Page is up to date and relevant

Most clients will take into account a combination of factors including: Information on your business, how many badges your business has, pictures of past work and quality reviews.