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How to give your home a quick makeover with paint

Is your home in need of sprucing up? Our paint makeover guide will help inspire you to turn your old decor into boldly painted statement pieces.
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How paint colour affects your mood

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly noticed yourself feeling a certain way or experiencing a change in mood or energy? In order to invoke certain desired moods in your home, read our guide below on how paint colour affects your mood.
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Why choosing neutral shades is an awesome trend

There is a neutral colour trend happening that is making spaces appear more modern, minimalist and sophisticated. We’re here with some tips on how to get on board with the new awesome trend of choosing neutral shades.
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How to baby proof your home

So you’ve come home with a beautiful newborn baby and you love that little being more than you ever thought imaginable. Well, your sweet little angel will grow into a walking, talking little human who is very clumsy and very curious about the world around them. Let us help you baby proof your home to keep your most precious loved one safe.
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Housewarming gift guide

Use this housewarming gift guide to impress your new homeowners with an easy yet fabulous gift that they won’t forget.
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Wedding decor we ♥ and ways to save

Your wedding day will be one of the most monumental days of your life. A perfect wedding is different for everyone based on your own personal and combined style as a couple. Choosing the right decor for your wedding means deciding as a couple how you would like the atmosphere of your wedding to be.
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Cleanliness secrets... what to take into account before investing in a property

It’s every homebuyer and property investor’s nightmare—signing on the dotted line, handing your money over, and discovering a few months in the property you thought was the home of your dreams or your key to passive income is actually a lemon. If only you hadn’t based your decision on the way things looked on the outside and dug a little deeper into what was really lurking behind the freshly painted walls and the façade that looked the way you’d always pictured it.
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How to make your balcony bloom with life

Balconies complement the look of your home and add monetary value to your property. Here are a few tips on how you can make your balcony bloom with life.
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How to clean roof tiles

So your roof isn’t looking its best? Use this expert how-to guide to help you clean your roof tiles and have them looking sparkling clean and new.
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Carpentry inspired ideas for your home

Give your home character and unique qualities with these carpentry-inspired ideas for your home.