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10 Healthy snacks to keep at your desk

It's important to keep your body fueled throughout your workday. Remember… Abs are made in the kitchen.
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8 Reasons why you should consider installing a water tank

If you’re looking to live more eco friendly and self sustainable, consider the installation of a rainwater tank.
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This dog’s mini-bedroom renovation we can't get enough of

How much do you love your pet? Enough to renovate your home to give them their own mini-sized bedroom? That is exactly what this pet owner accomplished with some serious DIY skills.
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12 Ways to bring more life into your kitchen

How rewarding would it be to create a meal in your kitchen using your own personally-grown veggies in a bright space you love? You spend a lot of time in the kitchen so you should love it. We have several tips to bring more health, life and vibrant atmosphere to your kitchen.
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How to live a more sustainable lifestyle

The choices we make impact the world around us. We have tips and ideas for you to make your home and lifestyle more green, reducing your environmental footprint while improving your health and bank account.
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How to respond to a quote request and win the job

So you’ve received a quote request… Now what?
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Eco friendly ways to heat your home and save this winter

Trade in traditional heating methods using common fossil fuels for more sustainable green heating solutions this winter. Not only will going green be good for the environment, it will also be good for your pocketbook long term.
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Why you should install aircon this winter

But… it’s cold.
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Tradies and tax debt… What you need to know now

As a tradie, being self-employed has a lot of advantages; from flexible working hours to better hourly rates, many go down this route. But self-employment is a balancing act of business and work, meaning that some go full-steam ahead without realising they need to provision for personal tax payments month to month.
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How to boost your productivity with your desk decor

Whether you work from a home or commercial office, you can create a desk that promotes productivity and creativity for your personal and professional development.