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Cost of an Electrician in Brisbane

Let’s talk sparkies in Brissy! The cost of an electrician is of course always at the discretion of the business. If you want an insured, professional, experienced, quality electrical business - you get what you pay for! We do have a general cost break down for hiring a sparkie in Brisbane to be used as a guide.
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7 luxury pools to swoon over

Living in Australia’s heat calls for two things: excellent air con and a pool. We have some beautiful luxury pools to swoon over and inspire you to make your next backyard reno an absolute ripper.
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What you need to know before buying a home

We all know that when it comes to buying property in Australia, there’s an awful lot of things you have to consider before taking the plunge. To make the process less painful, MyDeal and Service have put together some of the key things you need to know before buying a home in Australia.
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Eco-friendly Home Hacks

Creating an eco-friendly home has several advantages from loving the Earth to increasing the value of your home and saving big. We have some eco-friendly home hacks to make green living easy.
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How to make a smart property investment

Buying property can be like walking through a minefield. From the terminology to the terms & conditions, how are you supposed to know what will be a smart property investment? We’ve got a quick rundown for you on how to make the smartest property investment possible.
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The Truth Behind Blocked Drains

When it comes to a blocked drain, sometimes home remedies won’t do the trick. Waste build-up, tree roots and broken pipes can all lead to blocked drains which require professional help.
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Garage Door Repairs: Your Top Questions Answered

Do you know if your garage door is working correctly? If you haven’t paid any attention to it recently, it may be time for a service or some garage door repairs.
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10 Must-Know Spring Cleaning Tips

Winter is over and the flowers are blossoming! It's time for you to embrace the new season with our must-know spring cleaning tips.
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Cost of an electrician in Melbourne

As a general rule, simple electrical jobs are cheaper and more complex jobs naturally will be more expensive. We have a general cost guide to give you a good idea of what an electrician will cost in Melbourne.
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Hidden cave home: coolest property purchase ever?

If you’re on the hunt for a new home and the thought of living in an apartment or standard brick house in suburbia leaves you a little underwhelmed, why not invest in a luxury cave home?