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7 Tips and Tricks For Organising Your Self Storage Unit

Here's a few things we've learned in our adventures of self storage, all of which, you should familiarise yourself with before renting a storage unit.
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Thinking of Building A Granny Flat? Here's What You Need to Consider

With property prices soaring high, granny flats have become a rising trend all over Australia. Whether you want to extend your primary living quarters or create a rental lodge, or simply build a separate living space for a relative, granny flats are the way to go.
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8 iPhone Apps to Help You With Home Renovation

When you’re embarking on a home renovation, you don’t have to go it alone. There’s a whole army of iPhone apps ready and willing to take their share of the load and make your job that bit simpler.
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How Hiring a Handyman Can Save You a Bundle

Odd jobs around the home do not always require the skills of a professional contractor and can easily be done by a handyman. Here’s how hiring a handyman to complete your maintenance jobs around the home can save you a bundle.
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How to Make Sure Your Fireplace is Ready For Winter

Winter is almost here! This means nights will be spent huddling around the fireplace soaking up its warmth. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get your chimney prepared for the upcoming cold season. Here’s our complete guide to get your fireplace and chimney sweep up to scratch.
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Shower Screens That Will Leave You Breathless

Shower screens have been around for quite some time. Traditionally they were used purely as a water barrier and for privacy, today shower screens are a way to add style and flair to the bathroom. Here are our top picks that are sure to leave you breathless.
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Thinking of Moving Interstate? Find Out What Is Involved

Many individuals and families who have moved locally within their home town or even to a new suburb in their favourite city often remember certain aspects of their household move that make them think twice about moving house and claim that “this is my final move ever!”
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How to Bring Nature Inside Your Home

Bringing nature into your home is a great way to liven your interior. Below we’ve put together some great ideas to make your home flourish!
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How Much Does It Cost to Install Instant Turf

If you’ve always dreamed of having beautiful green grass, instant turf is a great way to achieve the perfect lawn quickly. Before you get started, you’ll want an idea of the costs involved in purchasing and laying instant turf. Below we’ve put together a complete guide on the costs involved.
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How To Choose The Best Appliances For Your Home

Here’s a guide on what factors to consider before making this long term investment for your home and to ensure you get great value from your appliance of choice.