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Bohemian-inspired home decor looks we love

Style your home in accordance with your relaxed attitude and open mind with our beautiful boho-inspired decor ideas.
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Interior garden inspiration for your home

Style your home with beautiful interior gardens to bring elegance and well-being into your life this new year.
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What you need to know before switching to solar

If you've ever wanted to change to solar power, now is the time to do it. Make your home greener and more cost-effective this summer.
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Keep your cool this New Year

Use these helpful air conditioning tips to stay cool in the New Year. Let your fresh start begin with a fresh air conditioning unit.
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Patio designs you'll love this New Year!

It’s the New Year and it's a new you, so why not begin your New Year’s resolutions by ticking off a fresh new look for your patio? You'll adore these ideas to make sure your patio is the talk of the town this summer!
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6 creative ways to change your space in a day

Whether you’re looking to make your space more inviting, spacious or you’re simply after a change, we have 6 creative ways to change your space in a day.
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DIY vs the professional plumber

We all know someone who consider themselves a professional at something without holding any qualifications. So, we're going to differentiate major DIY and professional plumbing projects... and hopefully have you leaving the hard work to the experts of the trade.
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House flipping – why a flip can end in a flop

The property market is big in Australia, and the desire to find the right property to do up and sell for profit is growing rapidly.
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How to choose the right plumber

Dinner on the table and your youngest walks through the front door from footy all sweaty and muddy. To the bath they go. But wait, there's no hot water! You call your local plumber and the super hero with the tool box fixes the issue. Rewind back to when you first began searching for the plumber to help with the job. What made you choose this plumber?
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How to spice up your home décor without saying goodbye to old furniture

From being put out to the gutter for a trash run, to polished and identical to the first time you saw it, or updated with a fresh new look. Looking at an object and seeing the beauty behind the wear and tear of past years, is what furniture restoration is all about.