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How to decorate your balcony for less

We’ve got some great, affordable ideas to make your balcony a more usable place where you’ll want to take time and relax.
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7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard on a Budget

Backyards are the most flexible of living spaces. They are used for everything from barbeques to exercise and just about everything in between. One common misconception when it comes to backyards is that it takes a lot of money to keep them looking great. The opposite actually holds true. You can have a stunning backyard on a budget. Just follow these seven tips to make it happen.
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Never Get Locked Out of Your House Again (And What To Do If It Happens)

Many people will find themselves locked out of their house at least once in their lifetime. And for some, this will happen much more frequently. There’s no need to feel like a drongo. We’ve all been there. That being said, it is possible to prevent this from happening ever again. Here are a few of the ways it’s possible and what you can do just in case you do find yourself locked out.
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Patio designs to add value to your home

Investing in a big, beautiful and practical patio is a fantastic way to make the most out of your outdoor opportunities. Aussies thrive on outdoor living and entertaining, and a well-constructed patio can tick all the boxes.
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Are you planning to buy your first home?

Everyone dreams of owning their own house, however, only a few people are able to handle the process smoothly. If you look at successful homeowners, they have many things in common. With this being said, here are a few tips to be remembered by all first time buyers.
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Great outdoor spaces for winter

Winter is well and truly here, and we have a few ways you can enjoy the chilly season with great outdoor spaces!
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How to make your kitchen a more interesting space

If you’re looking to add more personality into your kitchen, we have 5 of our best ideas to make your kitchen a more interesting space.
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6 rooms that need an australian themed wallpaper mural

Wallpaper is back in fashion and what other way to embrace this trend than to install an Australia- themed wallpaper mural?With breathtaking city skylines to endless stretches of white beaches, we all know that Australia is one of the most picturesque countries in the world. In this post, we show you how to capture those precious views in every room, whether it be at home or the workplace.
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5 ways to turn your house into a smart home

You might have thought smart homes were a concept of the future, however there are a few intuitive technologies that are available now. Get ahead of the bandwagon with these 5 smart home ideas.
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Why you should declutter your home

Whether it be clothes on the bedroom floor, wrappers in the car or stacks of paperwork in the office, clutter is a part of life. The busier we get the easier it is for us to gather unnecessary items and store them in spare rooms, wardrobes and garages. Although this is easily done, experts now claim there are number of measurable health benefits to decluttering our homes.