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4 intuitive gardening tips to help save water

23rd Sep '16 • By Emily Ayers

If you want to keep a beautiful green garden all summer long, you should prepare your landscape carefully. Here are a few of our favourite gardening tips to help you save water.


#1 Use Mulch
Regular mulching helps prevent water from evaporating from your soil , which improves your plants root growth. Mulching also improves the soil’s ability to absorb water. 


Start by spreading a layer of 3 inches of organic mulch around your plants. This includes materials like pine straw, shredded bulk and chopped leaves. Further, mulch can reduce the rate at which weeds grow.

#2 Choose The Right Plants
If you want to save more water, you should handpick plants that grow well in dry environments. Australian natives are great for drought areas as they require minimal watering. Make sure you choose plants that are native to your state and climate.


#3 Reuse Water
Invest in rainwater tanks to collect water and reuse it for watering plants. This is great for periods where there is no rain or to bypass council watering restrictions.


#4 Water in the Mornings
The time of day you water is very important to maximise water absorption. The best time to water plants is either in the morning or late afternoon. During midday, the sun is at its peak and so evaporation is at its highest. Watering during this time can waste hundreds of litres of water.


Looking for more ways to save water in your garden? There are many service providers available on who can help you effectively maximise your gardens water consumption.

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