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Differences between front and top-washing machines

16th May '16 • By Emily Ayers

You might be reading this article because you wish to buy a brand new washing machine! Well, the first decision you should make with washing machines is the loading style. Do you want a front or top-loading washing machine?


In general, front-loading machines are bought by conservative homeowners who have limited space in their laundries. Top-loaders on the other hand, are more convenient and tend to be easier on the back. What’s more, if you’ve forgotten to add a piece of clothing to the wash, you can simply open the lid and chuck it in! Both of these methods have a unique collection of benefits and drawbacks.

The next few lines will give you a quick walk through the differences between a front and top-loading machine.

Need For Water

Front-loading machines require far less water than the top-loading ones. This is because top-loading machines need more water to cover the entire drum. Interestingly, front-loader machines require only 1/3rd of the water. Top-loading washing machines turn the drum and use gravity to gush the clothes with water. Front-loading machines can rotate 1000 times every minute. This helps the machine save more energy, drying time and ensure efficiency!



With respect to space, you can store front-loading washing machines with companion dryers. However, this is impossible with top-loaders. If you are void of floor space, you should go for a front-loading washing machine.

Wear & Tear Issues

Indeed, top-loaders have agitators (the vertical device that turns clothes) which can be very tough on your apparels. Front- loading washing machines do not have this device and so they are easier on your clothes. In effect, front loaders can help you extend the life of your clothes.



Front-loading machines are usually more expensive than top-loaders. If you have a small budget and your thinking of a top loader, we would suggest considering the long term costs of the machine. Over the life of your machine, your top loader machine will use roughly, 70 percent more water than its counterpart. Further, your clothes will wear and tear quicker and will need replacing sooner.

The right machine for your home comes down to your needs. Do you find kneeling and bending difficult? If yes, a top-loading washing machine will suit your needs. Are you concerned with your water usage? If yes, a front loader will suit your needs.

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