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5 safety tips when putting up your christmas lights during the holidays

22nd Dec '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

The easiest way to set the mood for the Christmas season is to put up lights. Decorating with lights has always been fun and exciting, but be careful not to be carried away and always observe safety measures when lighting up your home for this holiday season.

Christmas lights have always been part of the festivity during the Christmas season. The lights indulge your home with brightness and hope. Outdoor Christmas lights add up to the aesthetic value of your home and give an accent to the outside view. But putting on these lights requires time and extensive care to perform safety measures. Decorating with lights has always been fun and exciting, but be careful not to be carried away and always observe safety measures when lighting up your home for this holiday season.

The easiest way to set the mood for the Christmas season is to put up lights. Christmas light decorations can be easily bought and assembled in your home. But it does not mean that it is easy to stay safe while putting up and maintaining Christmas lights. You can buy Christmas lights as soon as you figure out what colour, type of lighting, and Christmas theme you want to achieve. The challenge is with maintaining safe lighting without electric current grounds or sparks.

Sadly, there are still cases of unfortunate events during the setting up of Christmas light decorations. That is why it is very important to have the knowledge of electric works or hire a professional electrician to install your Christmas lights and advise you with the best practices on how you will be safe, especially with outdoor Christmas lights that are prone to be blown by the air. Here are five safety tips to keep you safe while lighting up your home during the Christmas season.

  1. Choose the right Christmas lights

Choosing the right outdoor Christmas lights will be your first step in celebrating a bright and safe Christmas season. This process involves choosing the right light bulbs, the right light bulb colour, and the right volts. You must choose bulbs below 7 volts because bulbs in 7 volts and higher burn hotter than the usual Christmas lights. They may look brighter, but they are more prone to causing sparks and burns because of overheating. Avoid putting these lights beside garland and other decorations that can easily burn. In this way, you can avoid potential fire accidents while bringing your home to life during the Christmas season.

  1. Fasten your Christmas lights

It is very important to attach and fasten your Christmas lights to a stable surface. When running wires and setting up lights, they most likely intertwine and get tangled. This inconvenience will further cause difficulty in setting up your Christmas lights and potentially cause you harm. When Christmas lights get tangled, some small wires might break or get damaged. When the wires where the electric current passes through get damaged, the Christmas lights will spark and burn when plugged in. To safely staple your Christmas lights, do not use nails and staplers. Using such materials to attach the Christmas light to a stable mounting surface can damage the wires of your Christmas lights. Use double-sided tape or clear tape to fasten your Christmas lights.

Fastening your Christmas lights will also avoid their insulation from being worn away by the blowing wind. You must also ensure that the plug unions are protected from moving and getting wet. Use safe extension cords and avoid electrical service lines in your house to get into your Christmas lights while stringing them. If you have a hard time doing these installation works. In that case, you can find a professional electrician near you and hire the one that works best for you.

  1. Follow the installation manual

There are manuals included in the packaging when you buy Christmas light decorations. You can find the Christmas light installation manual in the box or included inside the package when you buy it. Following the installation manual and understanding the best practices to install your Christmas light can help you save time and energy. The manuals are a complete step-by-step guide on unpacking, installing, and keeping your Christmas lights safe from short circuits and overheating. If you have a complex lights display or want to cover your entire house, it is best to get help from an electrician and professional installation.

Bypassing steps in the installation manual may cause further problems and inconveniences along the way. Patiently read the manual to understand the maximum run time of the lights, if they can be left overnight, and how to keep them safe when and when not in use. Remember to never fully occupy the plug of Christmas lights in one extension, as it may cause overloading and short circuit, resulting in sparks and burns.

  1. Be cautious when hanging the lights

Hanging the lights poses not only an electrical hazard but also a physical safety hazard. Some Christmas lights are installed on surfaces beyond your normal reach, and you have to climb up to install them. You can use a portable ladder or sturdy stairs to hang your lights. If you are going to hang it on your own, ensure that you have someone to look over and assist you while climbing up. Set your ladder or stair on stable ground and set it at least one foot away from the wall where you will hang your Christmas lights. You can hang the lights and have the other person hand you the tools you need while you are up the stairs or the ladder. Observe your position and ensure that you are stepping carefully as you go up and down.

  1. Set your lights away from easily burning materials

No matter what you do, Christmas lights will heat up. It is important to place your Christmas light far from materials that can easily burn once exposed to heat. Avoid putting your Christmas lights near decorations that are made of thin paper and plastics. These materials will easily burn once the Christmas lights have been turned on for hours. To make the best out of your Christmas lights decoration, opt for professional installation. So that even the little things that might cause inconvenience and accidents can be handled by the professional electrician. An electrician is knowledgeable about the electric works and the proper placement of lights where they cannot get blown away or damage anything. 


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