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5 Smart Tips for Buying Your First Home in a Rising Market

With house prices rising at the fastest pace in 32 years, buying a house in 2021 isn't easy. To guide you in this process, we have 5 smart tips you can follow while purchasing your first house
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How To Entertain Like A Pro

If you want to impress your guests by putting on a great gathering, we’ve got the best tips to help you entertain like a pro.
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5 costly Mistakes Trades People Make and 3 simple steps to improve.

Find out the 5 costly mistakes trades people are making and 3 simple steps to improve.
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How to Make Sure Your Fireplace is Ready For Winter

Winter is almost here! This means nights will be spent huddling around the fireplace soaking up its warmth. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get your chimney prepared for the upcoming cold season. Here’s our complete guide to get your fireplace and chimney sweep up to scratch.
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How to clean your pool

Having a pool on your property has excellent benefits, especially if you live in a hotter climate like Australia! Pools require weekly cleaning maintenance. Most maintenance can be performed on your own while others may require a professional.
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How to decorate your balcony for less

If you live in a cramped city apartment or unit, it’s doubtful that your balcony is anything to talk about to your friends or family. There are, however, several affordable ways to make your balcony a luxury haven for everyone. Here are our ideas...
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How to keep your home dust and allergen-free

Enjoying your day, when suddenly a dust allergy makes a move, gives you a headache and a runny nose? In this article, we’ll show you 9 ways to allergen proof your home so you can get a little respite from sniffles and constant sneezes.
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How to Make the Most out of Your Laundry

The laundry is one of the most used working spaces in the house which means ensuring your storage situation is under control will make a major difference in how you use it. We share some of our best ideas about how to arrange your laundry, like the pros, to help you create the laundry of your dreams.
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How to Keep Your Renovation Project to Budget

Here’s a list of a few pointers bound to help you keep your renovation project to a budget.
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How to grow your small business

Small businesses have the highest potential for growth. There are a few aspects of the business that need to be kept in check and in order to leverage maximum growth in your small business. Here are a few ways you can guarantee growth: