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No built in wardrobe? here’s the solution!

21st Mar '17 • By Jason Keegan

If you’re renting or simply don’t have the space to install one, we have some awesome storage hacks below.

No Built In Wardrobe? Here's The Solution

Built in wardrobes are the answer to all our storage problems. They are spacious, yet don’t take up much room themselves. But what if there is no built in wardrobe in your room?

Bed storage

Under bed storage is an absolutely brilliant way to add storage to your space. These storage solutions are not only convenient, they are also super stylish. There are two options available, storage under the mattress or drawers built on the sides.

Under Bed Storage

Use nook space

Make use of nook space in your home and install shelving to store your belongings. If you’re not keen on storing your clothes in open shelving, you can place items in baskets or display decor items.

Nook Space for Storage

No nook?

If space is limited and you don’t have a nook, a great idea is to hang clothes between a wall and a heavy piece of furniture. This creates your own nook. Simply, fit a rail between the piece of furniture such as a chair or shelf and the wall. Just be sure that the piece of furniture being used is sturdy enough and won’t fall with the weight of the rail and clothes. For added support, use brackets for optimum results. 

Nook Rail Storage

Standing wardrobes

Freestanding wardrobes are a great substitute for built-in wardrobes. Colour code your clothes and these wardrobes can look great your bedroom!

Freestanding Wardrobe

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