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11 hilarious mailboxes you need in your life

9th May '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

These mailboxes that will be sure to make you LOL.

hilarious mailboxes

The snowman mailbox 


When the heat bills are just plain shocking. 

The internet inspired mailbox


internet mailbox.jpg
I wonder how many Arabian princes will be offering me $1 million this week?

The surfer’s mailbox


surfer mailbox.jpg
If the mail starts to pile up, it must means the waves are good. 

The epic tradie mailbox


tradie mailbox.jpg
It’s hammer time. 

The beach inspired mailbox


beach inspired mailbox.jpg
More bills? What the shell?

The atlantic mailbox


lobster mailbox.jpg
Under de sea (under de sea). You just sang that in your head.

The adorable mailbox 


lady big.jpg
Your mail will be snug as a bug in a rug.

The rural mainbox 


Howdy partner, have ya seen my new truck? Runs solely on mail this beauty.

The woodland creature's mailbox 


If you don’t want to lose a finger, maybe take a look inside before grabbing your mail...

The mini-me house mailbox


mini house.jpg
This one won’t take quite as long to vacuum as your real one.

The awkward scuba diver mailbox


The only thing that takes more dives than this guy is your bank account after receiving his bills.

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