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How to incorporate your clothing style into your home

4th Nov '20 • By Rohit Mankame

Flick through pages of any magazine, and you’ll find high fashion designers and crazy clothes. There’s no one style of fashion these days, and no matter how you dress, you can feel fashionable. It’s the same with interiors. Despite trends dominating Pinterest, there are no rules to what’s in and out anymore. Here are 8 ways you can incorporate your own style into your home....

Living room with furniture and cycle


Do you love fashion and clothing? And you want to marry your love of personal design with the look of your house in a way that shows off your threads but doesn't make your house look like a wardrobe? We have 8 popular and DIY options that can mix your fashion with the decor of your house..

What are the 8 ideas to incorporate your clothing style into your home?

Think Of Your Style

First thing’s first: what’s your personal style? Are you a monochrome lover or full of colour? Take a look inside your wardrobe; if you see a lot of denim, blues and greys, you should consider taking advantage of Dulux’s Colour of the Year (Denim Drift). If your clothing is strictly black and white, you can stick to the Scandi scene. No matter what you’re planning, start with your wardrobe. 

Minimal home decor with clothes

Start Small

You don’t need to rush out and replace every bit of furniture when redesigning your home; sometimes even the smallest changes can make the largest impact. If you need to replace a few things, take a look back into your wardrobe and consider a few things. Would you like to change things up a bit? Would you like to inject some colour into your room? Replace your old rug with something brand new and exciting, and watch your entire space transform!

External closets 

People who don’t have a lot of closet space may want to get imaginative about showcasing the clothes they wear, so instead of packing them they can be hung on awesome tree-like clothing racks that offer a practical solution but also gives beauty to the space. A perfect way to really make this work will be to decorate the rest of the space with a nature-in-cities style.

tree like clothing rack

Mix Casual and Formal 

If you are one to pair rugged boots with a flowy flower dress, or a leather jacket with a  perfect for work, you can already picture how this relates to home decor.  Dream of modern ceramic chairs in a formal dining room under stately wallpaper, or a fading oriental rug underfoot in the kitchen. You may be drawn to crystal chandeliers, so why don't you hang one in your farmhouse bathroom? These unexpected additions also lend ordinary spaces an element of excitement and attraction.

Take A Look In Your Bedroom

Since you spend most of your time there, why not make some changes in your bedroom? If your bed looks a little tattered, you don’t need to replace the entire bed frame. Change things up a bit and add some new and elegant bed sheets, and you’ll sleep better at night!

Hang Your Denims 

Blue jeans don't sound like the sort of thing you'd want to have on display, but hung on an ordered series of hooks in a row, and you get a varied, rich display of indigo hues that can look subtle and lovely when combined with framed art. Hold it hanging in the same direction so that it doesn't look cluttered, and don't layer everything.

hanging denims


You know how you clean out your wardrobe every now and then? Do the same with your home interior. If you’re struggling to get past your furniture in the morning, it may be time to give your home a cleanse. If your wardrobe is a monochrome theme, and your home is a mess of clutter, you’ll feel much more in tune with yourself if you detox your homewares. 

It doesn’t take much to channel your clothing style into your home, and you don’t have to replace everything to get that result, just take snippets from your wardrobe and incorporate it into your home!

Invest in Quality 

There are places to spend, and places to save, in both apparel and home décor. Be cheap with accessories, things you can drop and break, hand towels, picture frames, etc. However, don't be cheap with bigger pieces of furniture that you would prefer to use for a long time, such as sofas, chairs, or something designed to protect a valuable electronic gadget. You're not going to get the return of your money if you're going to have to replace them faster than you would expect.

high quality wooden bed

The best thing about fashion is that it's quick to modify. If you do not like it at all, you should take it off or take it down. When it comes to decorating your home, that makes it a very safe item to play with!

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