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Top 8 living room design mistakes

12th Jan '17 • By Kelly Milburn

Everybody wants their living room to stand out, on many occasions the most important details often get ignored.


The living room is where you spend your leisure time after a hard day of work, or where you invite friends and family to share memories, as well as a place of entertainment for everyone. Take our advice, and enjoy moments with family and friends in your living room, here are our top living room design mistakes. 

#1 Uncomfortable furniture
While choosing the right design for living-room furniture, keep in mind that comfort is just as important as design. You might find a sofa that looks amazing and fits your space perfectly, but if it’s uncomfortable to sit on, you will be less likely to use the space. Try to find a balance between the two and test the furniture before you purchase.


#2 Cluttered living rooms
Space is important when it comes to design. Not only does a spacious living room help you keep your mind clear, but it also guarantees that guests will feel more at home when visiting. Further, with less ornaments throughout your living room, you will find your room much easier to clean.


#3 Dark colours
Another design mistake is to decorate with dark colours. This is especially true with wall colours. Opt for light and neutral shades to brighten and enlarge your space. Bright wall colours also bring life to your space and can evoke different feelings depending on the colour you choose.

#4 Bare walls
Any living room design is incomplete without paintings or picture frames. How you hang your paintings is also important, height and placement can make a difference to your living room’s ambiance. For optimal height, place paintings at eye level. Stay consistent and measure your paintings height and ensure all paintings are hung at the same level. Alternatively, placing your paintings and pictures in grid systems are great for creating a light hearted design.


#5 Matching everything
Matching your curtains to your pillows and your throw to your rug can be a bit of an overkill. As you can see below.


Stick to a colour scheme and match furniture and decor to different tones of this theme. Choose different patterns, textures and sizes within this theme to create interest (below).


#6 No colour
We’re all for simple, white walls, just make sure you add colour with cushions, throws, paintings and even furniture. 


The living room is where you want to make a statement, show off your style!


#7 Not enough light
Not having enough lighting in your living room can create a gloomy and uninviting atmosphere. If you’re limited on natural light; lamps, downlights and candles are all great ways to brighten your space.

#8 Cushions make a difference
Small, decorative pillows might be optional when it comes to utility, but they are a must when it comes to design. They add value to any living room and help guests feel more comfortable on the couch. Just remember they must fit with the living room’s theme and design.


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