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Beautiful front arbor designs

10th Aug '17 • By Emily Ayers

Beautiful structures like arbors, pergolas, and trellises can be used to adorn the exterior of your home. They look very stylish in addition to serving their purpose of providing shade and structure to landscapes. Here are a few beautiful front arbor designs to get inspired by:

Embellish with vines

Arbors embellished with beautiful vines make for an absolutely stunning structure. Selecting the perfect vines to decorate arbors with has to be given some thought. Weather and area play a dominant role in how well the vines grow. For the northern parts of Australia, some of the best options are Bougainvilleas, Stephanotis and Madagascar Jasmine. For southern Australia, Star Jasmine, Hardenbergia and Coral Pea are perfect, to name a few.

Vines Arbor

Wooden structure

Arbors are beautiful structures on their own, but they look exceptionally good if the right materials are used to build them. Wooden structures are known to exude class. You can even pieces of wood to build the frame, or use tree branches to give an arch shape to it. 

Wooden Arbor

Entrance welcome

Arbors can be used at the front entrance to welcome guests. In addition to being a great backyard structure, arbors look great as an aesthetic feature. They can be simple or embellished, depending on your personal preference. The only thing to keep in mind is to build the arbor in accordance to the overall design and look of your house. That way, the arbor will fit naturally into the rest of your landscape and add to your home’s overall look.

Welcoming Entrance

Side garden structure

One of the great features of arbors is that they provide a tunnel-like passageway into a different area. This feature is perfect to use when incorporating arbors in side gardens. Normally narrow in width, side gardens use arbors at the entrance pretty well. It gives the illusion of the space in question seeming even longer. Also, arbors make for a warm and welcoming structure when placed at the right place.

Colour away

Who says you can’t decorate your arbors with a bounty of colour? Along with decorating them with vines and pretty flowers, you can colour the main structure to give it an extra vibrant look. Usually painted white, arbors can be painted in any color. You can use contrasting colours to the leaves and flowers. For instance, yellow or red always looks great with the green of the leaves. 

Hedge arbor

Instead of a freestanding arbor, different structures can be incorporated to make one beautiful structure. One such great idea is mixing up an arbor with a hedge. If you have a hedge built around the entrance of your house, you can construct the arbor in a way that it rises from within the hedges. 

Hedge Arbor

Be creative

You can be as creative as you like when it comes to decorating your home. A simple arbor with climbing vines looks good, but you can always mix it up to create something extraordinary. For instance, hanging a pendant light at the center of the arbor will add just the right amount of class and beauty to an already elegant structure. Another idea would be to intertwine fairy lights with the vines. Turn the lights on at night and see the magic unfold.

White Arbor

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