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New homeowner backyard inspiration

Moving into a new home? This can be an exceptionally exciting time for new homeowners, as it gives you the opportunity to start from scratch and implement your own style in your very own space!
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10 inspiring garden paths

Here are ten inspiring garden-path ideas from around the world. There are enough choices here that will perfectly match your garden's character.
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Easy backyard maintenance: quick ways to spruce up for summer now

After months of hibernating indoors, now is the time for some easy home maintenance tasks to spruce up your outdoor entertaining area in time for Summer.
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7 great landscaping ideas

If you have ever looked at buying or selling a house, the one thing that can really be a focal point is not the house itself, but its surroundings. The house may be a real standout but if the garden and lawns are “stinkers” then watch the house’s price head south.
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5 ways to makeover your backyard

Your backyard is your home’s first impression. If you feel that you need to rejuvenate the surrounding atmosphere and make an impact on whoever visits, then we have 5 ways to give your backyard a spruce up. The beauty here is that although you can spend a bucket load of money if you choose, it can also be done relatively cheaply. Think big impact through astute or strategic changes.
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7 things you need to create a killer BBQ area

Who wouldn’t like to have an amazing BBQ area in their home? These outdoor areas are great places to hang out with friends and families as well as to organise get together and parties.
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Pergola ideas: top tips to give your backyard a makeover

Introducing a pergola into your backyard is one of the best ways to add character, beauty and function.
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Top gardening ideas for urban areas

If you have a green thumb but a small space, it’s not impossible to get your dose of greenery. Here's how:
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Patio designs to add value to your home

Investing in a big, beautiful and practical patio is a fantastic way to make the most out of your outdoor opportunities. Aussies thrive on outdoor living and entertaining, and a well-constructed patio can tick all the boxes.
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Great outdoor spaces for winter

Winter is well and truly here, and we have a few ways you can enjoy the chilly season with great outdoor spaces!