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Australia's 11 most popular interior paint colours | 2019 guide

20th Dec '18 • By Georgia Budden

If you’re in the market for a new interior paint colour, you’ll soon realise there are limitless colour choices to browse and choose from. We’ve made things a little easier - here are Australia’s top 10 most popular interior paint colours for 2019.

10 Popular Paint Colours

Crisp White


A colour that cools a room and suits extremely well in coastal regions is Crisp White. This colour helps connect the feeling of an outdoor sea breeze to the inside of your home. Crisp White is the perfect match with blue-hued greys.


It’s always important to keep in mind when choosing the right paint colour that cool paint colours need to be accessorised appropriately so that your interior does not appear sterile. For this reason, Crisp White is best used in areas of the home that are well lit with natural light.

When decorating Crisp White walls, opt for colourful schemes or simply add pops of colour like yellow, green or pink to bring contrast and life to the space.


Whisper White


If you’re after a white-on-white effect, Whisper White is an ideal choice as it has subtle tones of yellow which helps bring warmth to a space.

Whisper White is a fantastic choice in the warmer areas of Australia as it helps reflect heat and glare.

Traditionally a favourite for interior walls, Whisper White is best suited for conventional styled homes like Queenslanders.

Whisper White Paint Colour

It’s also important to consider how the flooring might reflect into the colour of your painted wall. For example, pine and wooden floors throw a lot of yellow and polished concrete tends to be very reflective. 

Viking Grey


Viking Grey has subtle hints of blue, which is inspired by the coastal regions of Australia. More importantly, it can be perfectly paired with Crisp White!

When designing an industrial themed home, Viking Grey is an ideal choice. The blue tones are the perfect way to achieve the minimalistic, yet deep atmosphere of this theme.

Décor and furnishings that accentuate this look are wooden or cane chairs, glossy lighting fixtures, bright yellow throws and copper accessories.

Viking-Grey Paint Colour



Centurion is a Nordic inspired colour that pairs well with soft pastels, such as pink or yellow, or a variety of other light coloured palettes. 

There is a blossoming trend in the use of Centurion in nurseries paired with light timber cribs and teepees. 

Adding gold or silver accents with textured rugs and throws is the best way to complete the look.




Are you after an interior that feels warming and natural? Sentience is a mild colour that looks great on any surface, whether it be the interior or exterior.

Create a relaxing environment in your home with light tones of brown and green.
Sentience works well with linen, textured throws and leather ottomans. Add life by bringing nature to your home with vines and potted plants that thrive indoors.  

Similar to Centurion, Sentience works well with very dull pastels of pink, dusty orange, green and purple. 

Sentience Paint Colour

Charcoal Heather


Charcoal Heather is also known as the perfect neutral grey, which is why it is one of the go-to interior paint colours in 2019.

If your tastes are more geared towards luxurious accessories such as dazzling chandeliers, expansive rooms and Hamptons themed homes, this will be one of the best interior wall colours for your home.

Mix Charcoal Heather with white and hints of deep blue to pull of the perfect Hampton style. 

Decorate with white furnishings and ash-wood tables and chairs to complete the relaxed look.

Charcoal Heather Paint Colour

Gentleman's Grey


Although the name suggests grey, Gentleman’s Grey is a beautiful, rich navy colour.

Gentleman’s Grey is very popular as a wall feature or even as a striking cabinetry colour. The only trick with this theme is ensuring enough natural light enters the room so that the space does not appear closed off, which is the best way to transform your room by making it appear larger.

Decorate with light wood and fur throws to brighten the space. Add touches of light pink for a more feminine feel or add dusty orange and yellow for a more masculine space.    

We’re absolutely in love with the classical themed Gentleman’s Grey bookcase with adjoining reading nook.

Gentlemans Grey Paint Colour

Dark Burgundy


Dark purple with a pinkish hue, this colour represents the best of the two. Dark Burgundy works best as a feature wall when paired with Centurion and Sentience. 

This colour is for those who are bold and not afraid to make a statement - try creating striking combinations with deep green or salmon accessories. To create more mood (if you dare) combine Dark Burgundy with with rich wooden chairs, bedheads or tables.

The key to decorating with this interior colour is to ensure there is ample natural light illuminating the room and keep the space feeling open.

Dark-Burgundy Paint Colour

All Black - Domino


A new and upcoming colour is Domino grey which looks almost black when painted on interior walls. Domino is a very modern swatch and is great for creating a dramatic interior.

If you really want to stand out and get your guests talking, we recommend surprising everyone with an all-black coat of paint.

The ideal pair with this deep colour is a stark white, like Crisp White. Combining it with multiple hues of grey is also a visually effective way to utilise neutral shades to make the most of this trend.

Domino Paint Colour

A popular scheme to decorate with Domino is African or desert theme. This includes, rich woods, dark green pillows and tan leather lounges.



Come home and feel relaxed and elevate your mood with a natural Wabi-Sabi interior. Paint colour affects your mood in a number of ways.

Providing a similar feeling to Sentience, Wabi-Sabi has hints of green rather than brown tones.

In Feng Shui, green interiors represent health and healing. For this reason, you can expect to see Wabi-Sabi in day spas and vacation destinations around the world to rejuvenate guests. 

Wabi-Sabi Paint Colour

Moreover, this colour works well as an exterior colour when matched with white window sills. This combination creates an exterior that blends well with the surrounding environment.

Golden Sand


Golden Sand is a modern, vibrant mustard that is perfect for the confident, quirky home. 

Mustard interior paint colours are best paired with timber floors, white furniture, and patterned rugs to bring a vintage vibe into the modern context.

Indoor plants are also a great accessory for this colour, and a perfect way to bring in that Summer warmth if you're celebrating the new year by repainting your home.


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