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Secret places mosquitoes might be hiding

24th Aug '16 • By Emily Ayers

Where there is still water there is an array of mosquito larvae is ready to buzz. Unfortunately, there are numerous places mosquitos could be hiding, here are the most common places.


Mosquitoes are pesky flying creatures that usually manage to make their way into your home. During the warmer months, these pests breed in stagnant water in your yard.

Bird Baths
A bird bath provides a nice focal point for your backyard, however, if the water isn’t treated or changed at least once a month, it can become a mosquito motel. Don’t forget to scrub the surface using a bristle brush if algae or mold has built up.


Swimming Pools
Large swimming pools do not breed mosquitoes as they are equipped with filtration systems and chlorine, when maintained properly. However, the wading pools are usually untreated and lay idle, making it a paradise for these pests. So, empty the pool when it's not in use and hose wash clean.


Clogged Gutters
Clogged gutters can also be a problem. Built up leaves and debris can create blockages, and so water builds up. Make sure you keep your gutters clean by removing twigs, leaves and any other materials so that water is free to drain. Alternatively, gutter guards can stop the build up of leaves and ensure your gutters are debris-free.

Plant Pots
Water can sit in potted plants and are an ideal place for the mosquitoes to breed. To be safe from mosquito bites, drain the water from the plant pots saucer regularly, so that mosquitoes do not reproduce.


Your four legged friend may be your most loved one, but its outdoor water bowl is great for breeding mosquitoes. So clean it regularly! Do not allow your pets water bowl stay stagnant, instead refill it with clean, fresh water daily.

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