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Before beginning your project, you should consult with a professional bricklayer. A bricklayer is an experienced person who lays bricks and completes brick construction projects. Depending on the depth of your project, you might want to hire a professional to handle the brick construction in your home. Begin your search for a bricklayer by seeking references from friends, family and colleagues. Contact potential candidates and invite them to your home to view the space and discuss project details such as budget, materials and completion timeline.

If you are considering your options for fencing or retaining walls remember that blocks and bricks will last a lifetime while timber fencing, garden edges and retaining walls will fade and warp over time and are far more susceptible to weather. 

However, bricklayers perform more tasks than just laying bricks after brick. A bricklayer has the following skills:

  • Reading and working from plans and specifications

  • Sailing foundations with water-resistant materials. 

  • Spreading layers of mortar to serve as a base from the upcoming layers of bricks 

  • Repairing and maintaining bricks and related structures

  • Using brick cutting machines 

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Bricklaying Services

Quality Bricklaying Craftsmanship

  • Cross-joints are evenly spaced out.

  • Double jointed face-work.

  • Blockwork is plumb – piers, control joints, headers, etc.

  • Blockwork is straight & level.

  • Correct steel reinforcement.

  • Holes are patched up with no dags left behind.

  • Workspace is kept tidy as we go.

Types of Brick Bonding

  • Stretcher bond

  • English bond

  • English garden wall

  • English cross bond

  • Flemish bond

  • Flemish garden wall (Sussex bond)

  • Monk bond

  • Header bond

  • Stack bond

Get free quotes in minutes.

Get quotes from our qualified and licensed tradies Australia wide.

Bricklaying Repairs

The first step to a new building project or bricklaying repairs can be a daunting task, so why not leave it to an expert you know will provide you with the highest quality bricklaying service? You’ll be choosing a friendly and dedicated bricklayer who always ensures your construction projects run smoothly.

Bricklaying Repair Services

  • All repair work

  • Insurance work

  • Masonry services

Bricklaying FAQs

Brick or Stone?

When it comes to building and design materials, you have many options available to you. Choosing to use brick and stone can give your home a warm, comfortable and classic feel. Certain stones and designs can also transform your rooms into a clean and modern space. Simply choose a design, layout and stone that suits the look that you want to achieve.

Choosing Bricks

When you decide to use brickwork in your home, you might be surprised by all of the variations that you find. Brick styles range from the classic red bricks, to French or Tuscan-inspired bricks, to Mediterranean style bricks. The options are seemingly endless. Before you choose a brick for your project, determine what style you are going for. Once you choose your style and envision the end-product, the size, color and texture of the brick that you need will become apparent.

Thermal Lag 

Thermal lag is a word used to explain how bricks both absorb and gradually release heat. It helps hold cooler temperatures in summer and keeps warmth in during winter.

BASIX (Building Sustainability Rating)

The contractor and consultant engineers ought to be able to measure the heat loss or gain from the materials used to construct the structures ehren construction energy efficient buildings. Build materials are thus classified into 3 categories:

  • Light (L)

  • Medium (M)

  • Dark (D)

The coloured light is weak solar absorption and the dark colours have a strong solar absorption. 

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Get quotes from our qualified and licensed tradies Australia wide.

How much does a bricklayer cost?

Expect the bricklayers charge either by an hourly rate or a per brick basis. Currently bricklayers will charge $35 to $55 per hour to anywhere, depending on the location and experience. Larger work is frequently estimated on a per-brick rate from $1 to $5, depending on the job's difficulty. Bricklayers will lay between 900-1200 bricks a day. 

Clearly this would differ based on the form of brick being used. Site connectivity and other technical considerations may also play a role in the total budget allocation estimate or quote. 

Why are bricklayer charges so high?

Bricklayer’s jobs are more complicated than merely placing bricks. The key aim of a specialist is to make sure home is clean and comfortable, and that their job i sof the highest standard and can withstand the test of time. The following are the considerations you can expect to take into account:

  • Some projects can allow a bricklayer to operate in a difficult environment. Because of this, usage of different equipment and techniques would be required. These will raise the project’s final cost.

  • Operations that need to be carried out in high risk areas may increase the costs

  • If bricks are going to be laid near the roof, be prepared for the cost of the job to increase since bricklayers will factor windows, back walls and other structures increasing complexity and in turn the cost.

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Get quotes from our qualified and licensed tradies Australia wide.

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