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Brick or Stone?

When it comes to building and design materials, you have many options available to you. Choosing to use brick and stone can give your home a warm, comfortable and classic feel. Certain stones and designs can also transform your rooms into a clean and modern space. Simply choose a design, layout and stone that suits the look that you want to achieve.

Choosing Bricks

When you decide to use brickwork in your home, you might be surprised by all of the variations that you find. Brick styles range from the classic red bricks, to French or Tuscan-inspired bricks, to Mediterranean style bricks. The options are seemingly endless. Before you choose a brick for your project, determine what style you are going for. Once you choose your style and envision the end-product, the size, color and texture of the brick that you need will become apparent.

Before beginning your project, you should consult with a professional bricklayer. A bricklayer is an experienced person who lays bricks and completes brick construction projects. Depending on the depth of your project, you might want to hire a professional to handle the brick construction in your home. Begin your search for a bricklayer by seeking references from friends, family and colleagues. Contact potential candidates and invite them to your home to view the space and discuss project details such as budget, materials and completion timeline.

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