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What is a Curtain?

When it comes to window coverings for your home or business, the options are endless. Curtains are a wonderful choice if you are looking for a decorative, yet functional, window covering. Curtains are panels of fabric that are hung from rods. They can be made of sheer fabric, such as lace, to let in sunlight, or heavy matte fabrics to provide privacy. Curtains come in many colors, styles and lengths to suit your space.

What to Look for When Choosing Curtains

When you go shopping for curtains, there are a few things that you should look for. First, know the length that you need. Curtains come in many lengths to suit windows of every shape and size. You may want a curtain that stops at your window sill, or you might choose floor length curtains. Select curtains made in a fabric that complements the current design of the room. Choose darker, opaque curtains where privacy is needed, and elect to install sheer curtains in rooms where you want to let in the natural light.

What is a Blind?

Window blinds are a functional window covering that can be drawn up or down in order to obscure the view, block light or provide privacy. Window blinds are available in a variety of materials. The most affordable blinds are mini blinds, which are typically made of plastic. Other options include wooden blinds, fabric blinds, and even metal blinds. You can purchase blinds made with slats that open and close, or rolling blinds that can be pulled up and out of the way, or rolled down for complete privacy. Vertical blinds and horizontal blinds are both available for purchase.

Choosing Blinds for Your Home

Budget is a key factor in choosing blinds for your home. Specialty or custom blinds can be very expensive. Custom blind options include Venetian blinds, wood blinds and fabric blinds, created with your choice of fabric or finish. These blinds can create a lavish feel in your home. If your windows are standard size, you can purchase affordable plastic mini blinds in a number of colors at local retailers. It is best to choose blinds for your home based on both your budget and the ambiance that you want to create.

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