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Pest & Insect Control

Regular pest control is important to keep your home free from unwanted pests. It is also used as a preventative measure to keep pests like termites from undermining your home.

What Do Pest Controllers Do?

Pests can interfere with your life both inside and outside of your home. If your home or yard is infested with mice, ants or even bees, a pest control expert can be your first line of defense in reclaiming your property. Pest controllers are often referred to as exterminators. They use numerous tools and treatments to end infestations of both animals and insects. Once the initial infestation is taken care of, they then apply preventative measures in order to prevent future issues.

The most common insects that a pest controller will handle include bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches, spiders, termites and ants. They often address rodent issues, such as mice and rats, as well. Bats, birds and snakes are other common issues that a pest control operator will address. 

Types of Pest Control

Home Pest Control

  • Rodents or rats can be a serious health hazard as they carry fleas and diseases with them. They can also cause damage to the electrical wiring of your house. Rodent removal is important for the safety of everyone in your home. 
  • Termites are another big problem as they enter the house through cracks in the concrete, plumbing and electrical ducts and also through soil. Hence, its important to have a chemical barrier which will help in termite removal.
  • Bedbugs and Fleas usually enter into the house through clothing, luggage or via pets. They feed on human blood and bed bugs bites look like irritated welts or an allergic reaction. Flea and tick treatment can be as low as $200.
  • Ants are a highly invasive pest found within the home. They tend to infest the kitchen, feeding on scraps of food, and nest under paving, in roofing and within building walls.

Pests Outside the Home

  • Snakes can be found around the house especially in suburban neighbourhoods. Even though they stay away from humans, some of them can be dangerous. But as these snakes are protected, if you come across one in and around your house, contact a local snake removalist to catch and release it in a safe area.
  • Spiders are a common household pest and most of them are harmless. They build their webs on the ceiling, house corners and the garden. But a few of them can be poisonous, hence its important to get your house inspected by a pest control expert to help you with spider control.
  • Wasps are an aggressive pest who tend to stay in nests built in wood piles, wall cavities and also underground. Their sting is very painful and the venom in their sting can cause severe allergic reactions in some people and also in pets. 

At all times, you should hire professional pest control services to inspect and treat your home. Except for termites, the management of insect pests is not too costly. It depends mostly on the scale of your home and whether you need control of the inside pest, control of the outside pest or both. Look for services which provide a guarantee. If pests come after a given amount of time, pest control can come and be able to enter your home a second time to complete the job. They must set a time limit because all pest control products are only effective for a limited period of time. Having your home treated once a year to keep pests at a minimum can be a good idea. Most pest control treatments are offered with a 90-day guarantee. So, if pests return, you can ask for a refund or a free re-treatment! Before you hire a pest control expert, make sure you have a guarantee in place.

Choosing a Pest Control Professional

The first step to finding a pest control professional is to do some searching. Scan your local phone book and the Internet to find pest control services in your animal. Contact three or four and ask a few questions, including asking how long the company has been in business, what types of infestations they handle, and whether or not they are insured. Be sure to ask about their availability, as some pest control specialists work only part time. Schedule an appointment for the specialist to come to your home, survey the problem and provide you with a service quote. We have prepared an extensive guide on how much pest and insect control costs in 2020.

Eco pest control

Most homeowners are concerned about powerful chemicals that may hurt dogs, kids or the whole family. Many pest control companies market themselves as being natural, green, eco or friendly to their home. Which might mean a variety of items. We may use substances that have little, or minimal, environmental or human impacts. This may even imply they catch an insect and remove it from the premises instead of killing it.

Hiring a pest controller

One the time comes to hire a professional pest controller, you need to be sure that they are perfect for the work. Pest controls are controlled on a particular state/territory level based on their regulations. Everyone had specific criteria for licences, and you ought to verify where you reside with the local regulator. A few questions to pose when you continue recruiting include:

  • Do you have a license?
  • Will you have insurance to operate in my home?
  • How long have you been in the company?
  • What products will you be using?
  • For how long will the products be effective?
  • Can I have a quotation in writing?
  • Do you have any references that I can track?

Keeping Your Home Pest Free

When it comes to pests in the home, prevention is your best line of defense. You can help to keep your home pest free by promptly disposing of waste, especially food products. Store fresh food in air-tight containers. Clean your home thoroughly by moving furniture away from walls and vacuuming to remove dirt, debris and crumbs. Clean your yard well after the spring thaw and after any heavy rain storms to remove potential nesting grounds and any garbage that may have washed up.

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