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What Does a Plasterer Do?

Plasterers are professional craftsmen who apply plaster to walls and ceilings. The application of plaster can greatly enhance the appearance of any interior space. Plasterers can repair damaged plaster, add decorative plaster to existing home walls or work in newly constructed buildings. In addition to walls and ceilings, plaster can be used to create decorative details and architectural designs within a space.

Many plasterers follow the same basic process when working on a project. They begin by applying gypsum to the work surface, and then top the gypsum with a finish coat of plaster. Plaster can be dyed in any number of colors, and the surface can be left smooth or textured, depending on the style of the space.

Types of Plaster

Backing plaster, also referred to as a backing coat, is normally used in new constructions or renovation projects. It is sometimes called browning or bonding.

Undercoat plaster can be used in place of backing plaster in those situations where hand or machine plastering techniques are being used.

Finishing plaster is the exterior coat of any plaster surface. It is applied on top of backing plaster. This is the final coat in any plaster project and is typically applied in a 2mm thick coat.

Choosing the Right Plasterer

Depending on the scope of your plaster project, you might need an artistic plasterer to decorate your space, or a utilitarian plasterer who can simply repair a hole in your plaster wall. If any friends or family members have had this type of work done, ask them for a reliable referral. The Internet can also be a great tool. Search for plaster companies online and read BBB reviews prior to contact them. Once you have found a few candidates, call each company and ask a few questions, including how long they have been in business, what type of work they do and whether or not they are insured. Invite potential plasterers to your home or office to view the project and provide you with a cost estimate.?

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