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What Do Tilers Do?

At the most basic level, a tiler is a professional contractor who specializes in tile installation. A tiler may install tile on bathroom walls and floors, as well as in kitchens, foyers or wherever else a building owner elects to have a tile surface.

Tilers begin their work by determining how many tiles will be needed for a particular job. This is calculated based upon the size of the tile to be used and the surface that it must cover. The tiler then cuts the tiles to the right shapes and angles and prepares the work surface using methods such as sanding, cementing or plastering. The tiler then sets the tiles and applies the appropriate amount of grout to hold them in place.

Types of Tiles

Tiles come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Choosing a tile is both a decorative and practical issue. You need to choose a tile that will stand up to years of use, while also choosing one that will meet your design needs. The most common tile types that are used in both design and construction include ceramic tile, slate tile, mosaic tile, porcelain tile and marble tile. There are many more tiles, including natural stone tiles, that make a great option for both homes and businesses.

Choosing the Right Tile

The type of tile that you choose will depend on two factors. The first is practical. You need to choose a tile that suits your needs and the size of your space. For instance, smaller mosaic tiles are a practical choice for a kitchen backsplash or shower wall. Large, square ceramic tiles can make a beautiful and practical kitchen floor. When it comes to tiles, the color variations are endless. Choose a tile color that will coordinate with the current décor in your home.

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