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Stafford Brothers Air Conditioning PTY LTD

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  • Stafford Brothers Air Conditioning PTY LTD Logo
  • Stafford Brothers Air Conditioning PTY LTD Logo
  • Stafford Brothers Air Conditioning PTY LTD Logo
  • Stafford Brothers Air Conditioning PTY LTD Logo
  • Stafford Brothers Air Conditioning PTY LTD Logo
  • Stafford Brothers Air Conditioning PTY LTD Logo

Stafford Brothers Air Conditioning PTY LTD

Stafford Brothers Air Conditioning PTY LTD is a well established air conditioning business servicing Coogee and all of the surrounding suburbs. With years of experience in the industry you can rest assured you are dealing with a trusted company. 

Our team of qualified professionals complete all projects to the highest of standards and within the agreed time frame. We stand by our customers every step of the way to ensure all of their needs are covered.

With highly trained staff and varied services we can tackle any sized project.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Air conditioning installations 
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Air conditioning maintenance 

Our team will be delighted to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

ABN: 41623974194




Rating: 5
Australia | 16th July 2019

Stafford Brothers Air Conditioning (SBAC) has established an excellent word of mouth reputation, which I personally found to be well deserved. When it comes to the world of air conditioners, the Stafford Brothers are up there with the best. Of course, like you, I have experienced first hand and heard from close friends many negative stories about dealing with tradespeople. Concerns usually centred on tradespeople with a “near enough is good enough” attitude, who are lazy, lack vision and are outright unprofessional despite their inflated fees. In my experience, some tradespeople have no difficulty looking their clients straight in the eye and telling them outright lies and sometimes even causing more problems than they fixed, which required yet another tradesperson to correct their work. Not so with the Stafford Brothers – both the wider reputation of Leigh and Gavin and what I have witnessed first hand, is that the brothers are two tradespeople who will work on your residence with the same level of care and pride as if they are working on their own homes. To install an air conditioner is a deceptively challenging task – this involves an entire complex workflow fraught with potential complications. My install of an Innova 2.0 air conditioner required investigation of optimal placement, core drilling of holes approved by a structural engineer as well as the all-important electrical and plumbing decisions. You are, of course, first required to purchase a suitable air conditioner model - another area in which the Stafford Brothers were able to assist by obtaining one of a limited number of Innova units freighted to Sydney from Italy via Perth. When considering air conditioning installers, a fully integrated bespoke service - from sourcing the air conditioning unit, to installing and servicing - is the key to both perfecting the initial set up and maintaining peak performance. Leigh and Gavin are specialists who immerse themselves in the entire process, as every step of an air conditioner install benefits from detailed understanding of the context of the previous and next steps. To have the workflow fractured across suppliers, core drillers, installers, warranty service teams etc. is not ideal in my opinion. Working in educational psychology for the past three decades, I soon picked up the OCD and perfectionistic tendencies in both brothers. This particularly extends to worksite “tidy as you go” neatness - I suspected, given half a chance, Leigh and Gavin would have started washing my dishes and ironing my shirts. You can even track their arrival to your place just like an Uber, simply by clicking a ServiceM8 link in the SMS they send you and without installing an app. When working together, the brothers have an interdependence, synergy and symbiosis that only close family members can share. The result is that they perfectly complement and enhance each other’s abilities. Watching Leigh and Gavin working together and solving problems in real-time is at times sublime and their work is first class. Although their quote was not the lowest I had received, the highest level of skill, expertise and care provided by the brothers will save money in the long run. I could not be happier that I trusted something as important as the ability to control my home environment to the family business that is Stafford Brothers Air Conditioning. Highly recommended.


Rating: 5
Australia | 12th July 2019

My Heatpump hot water heater suddenly stopped working. I found Stafford Brothers Air Conditioning online and called for help. Gavin immediately returned my call and he and Leigh were out that afternoon at exactly the time he promised! He and Leigh were professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. And their charges were very fair and reasonable. I will always call them to from now on!!! Thanks guys!!!


Rating: 5
Pymble | 26th February 2019

very communicative and responsive, so far


Rating: 5
Narrabeen | 11th August 2018

These guys gave a great quote and did a very professional job would recommend them for any work at all.


Rating: 5
Mount Hutton | 08th August 2018

Excellent! Very good!


Rating: 5
Australia | 15th July 2018

Very professional service


Rating: 5
Australia | 18th August 2017

Thanks Gavin and Leigh, you guys did a great job! Your team is impressive and fast. Job well done and clean after finishing. You have the next phase of the job too. SBAC beat 2 other bids and I highly recommend them to give you a bid at least, work is quality and professional, two thumbs up.


What information do I need to provide you with for a competitive quote?

Generally it is best for us do a site inspection prior to giving an estimate as there is so many variables. We can quote off plans if they are available also.

Why should I hire you over another business?

Our customer focus and attention to detail sets us apart. Quality we put our name to.

Do you offer a guarantee on the work that you carry out?

All our work is guaranteed for 12 months. The equipment we install is guarantee for 5 years.

Do you specialise in any work in particular?

VRV systems for residential spaces Commercial Air conditioning all types. Installation and maintenance. Commercial rectification work.