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About Us

Hey there! ? We're not just your ordinary cleaning service – we're the superheroes of sparkle! ?✨ At Carex Services, we believe in the magic of a clean space and the joy it brings. Picture this: Your home or office transformed into a haven of cleanliness, where dust bunnies fear to tread! ?? We're not just here to clean; we're here to make your life a tad brighter, a smidge breezier, and a whole lot tidier. So, let's kick dust to the curb and welcome in the freshness together. Call on us for everything Commercial cleaning, Bond cleaning, construction cleaning, Home cleaning windows, oven etc #CleaningGoals #SparkleSquad #CleaningMagic

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Monday 6am - 6pm
Tuesday 6am - 6pm
Wednesday 6am - 6pm
Thursday 6am - 6pm
Friday 6am - 6pm



Northern, Western Victoria


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