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PolyCrete Australia

With over 10 years of experience. Polycrete Aust pride ourselves in our craft and apply a spirit of excellence in all work we do. We do what's desired not just what's required, going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction is met.


Director of Polycrete™ Patrick, considers himself the "next generation" of the flooring industry who plans to inject himself as an industry leader. 

Polished concrete consists of many finishes, all depending on the practical use of the substrate or personal preference of the owner them-self. Polished concrete varies from a honed Matt finish all the way to a Superfloor™ Superfloor™ system is where the gloss on the floor is not from a coating but from the concrete itself being polished to a very high 3000 grit level. 

Polished concrete is the latest technology from the flooring industry, giving a seamless finish that is: 

highly decorative 

easy to clean 

hard wearing 

long lasting 

dust free 

slip resistant 



We also offer other services such as: 

- Grind 'n' Seal 

- Surface preparation 

- Pandomo floors (Ardex) 

- Pangaea floors 

- Epoxy floors 

All enquiries are welcome, email us today.



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