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JBS Engineering & Contracting proudly stands as that partner for countless growers,farmers and hobbyist. Experts in greenhouse shed construction, irrigation, and power equipment. Every project is unique, and so are its needs. We delve deep into this uniqueness, supplying tailored; "irrigation design", Concreting and shed construction services, Sturdy water tanks, and efficient irrigation dams and Waterproofing solution with exisiting infrastructure as well as new installation. Our commitment to water conservation and optimized usage is evident in every product and service we offer. Beyond irrigation, power sustains a farm. Recognizing the challenges many face with grid reliability, we've championed off-grid power solutions. From solar panels to generators, our products ensure your farm remains powered,"

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wheatbelt and surrounding suburb


What information do I need to provide you with for a competitive quote?

* Site Address * As exact measurement as possible * Photographs of the current site condition * Accessibility to the site for equipment and machinery (width in mm if possible) * When you planning to get job done if quote is competitive

Why should I hire you over another business?

Over 15 years plus of experience in providing farming and site solution and speciality in * Waterproofing (Dams, Ponds, Swimming pool, Water Tanks) * Concreting - speacility installation preventing scaling (Concrete cancer) hence increasing concrete longetivity. * Earthworks associated with site preparation. * All in all a turn key package to the entire project.

Do you offer a guarantee on the work that you carry out?

We offer guarantee for our waterproofing products based on the thickness (Micron) installation we done.