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EDT Electrical Pty Ltd

Dedicated to quality work and finishing the job well!

EDT Electrical Pty Ltd represents a team of professionals who are highly skilled and qualified in all aspects of electrical services. With countless successful projects since it was founded, EDT Electrical Pty Ltd team always finish their projects within the agreed time frame. A wealth of experience along with a long list of satisfied clients means you can rest assured that you are dealing with a quality and reliable business. Our Team of qualified professionals collectively provide a wide range of services for residential, commercial and property projects to the highest standard.

Our services include: 
All aspects of electrical
 Air conditioning installation
Appliance installation
 Home theatre installations
 Electrical switchboard inspections 
Hot water systems


  ABN: 19660141044  Australian Refrigeration Council:  L154765   NSW Fair Trading: 253837C 

Our team is ready to assist you, 24 hours, 7 days a week.



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What information do I need to provide you with for a competitive quote?

A detailed description of the work involved and when you would like the work to take place. This allows us to work out a price and time that you will be happy with.

Why should I hire you over another business?

Our team is punctual, professional and tidy. All work areas are meticulously cleaned at the end of every working day leaving you with superb electrical work and no mess to tidy up.

Do you offer a guarantee on the work that you carry out?

3 year installation warranty.

Do you specialise in any work in particular?

Residential electrical work including: switchboard upgrades, fault finding, LED down lighting upgrades, ceiling fan installations, home renovation electrical and air conditioning installations.