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Hi All! We are a electrical company based in Lilydale Victoria. we are happy to travel across eastern Melbourne to provide quality electrical installations in domestical, commercial and renewable energy. Fully insured with all work quality guaranteed and Safety certificate provided. 

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What information do I need to provide you with for a competitive quote?

Here's what contractors typically require to provide an accurate electrical quote for smaller repair jobs: Description of the Issue: A clear description of the electrical problem is essential. Customers should provide details such as when the issue started, any specific symptoms or warning signs, and whether any troubleshooting or temporary fixes have been attempted. Location of the Problem: Identify the specific location within the property where the electrical issue is occurring. This helps the contractor plan for the necessary tools, materials, and equipment needed to address the problem. Accessibility: Ensure that the area where the repair is needed is easily accessible. If the problem is in a hard-to-reach location or requires special access, communicate this to the contractor so they can make appropriate arrangements. Existing Electrical Setup: Provide information about the existing electrical setup, such as the type of wiring, age of the electrical system, and any recent modifications or upgrades. This helps the contractor assess the scope of work and potential underlying issues. Photographs or Videos: If possible, customers can take photographs or videos of the electrical problem to provide visual context to the contractor. This can be particularly helpful for remote assessments or initial consultations. Timeline: Communicate any time constraints or urgency associated with the repair job. If the problem poses a safety risk or disrupts daily activities, it's important to convey this information to the contractor so they can prioritize accordingly. Budget: While smaller repair jobs may not always require a detailed budget, customers should have a general idea of how much they're willing to spend on the repair. Providing a budget range helps the contractor tailor their recommendations and solutions to fit within the customer's financial constraints. Preferred Communication Method: Specify the preferred method of communication for scheduling appointments, providing updates, and discussing the repair process. Whether it's phone calls, emails, or text messages, clear communication channels ensure a smooth and efficient repair experience. By providing these details to the contractor, customers can help ensure that the electrical quote for smaller repair jobs is accurate, efficient, and addresses their immediate needs effectively.