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About Us

This company had humble beginnings, with my father at its helm as the director. He worked closely with real estate agents, often under pressure, and managed to build the company's reputation over a span of six years. I've been part of this journey alongside him, turning it into a family business.

Our clientele primarily comes through word of mouth, a testament to the respect and quality we bring to our work. Even now, we rely on word of mouth referrals. We've taken on diverse projects over the years, including schools, large properties, and commercial ventures, accumulating valuable experience. The reins of the company have been passed on to someone with fresh ideas, reliability, strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and reasonable pricing.

Our primary focus is on the quality of our work rather than just financial gains. We specialise in home remodeling and offer a range of interior and exterior painting services. Additionally, we're equipped to handle roofing projects. The team at Alan Paintings operates like a close-knit family, finding joy in working together.

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What information do I need to provide you with for a competitive quote?

As much information regarding job as possible

Why should I hire you over another business?

hiring us means choosing a painting business that values professionalism, quality, and customer satisfaction. We are committed to transforming your space into a beautiful and vibrant environment.

Do you offer a guarantee on the work that you carry out?

Our work guarantee ensures that you are satisfied with the outcome of your project and that any issues or concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.