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With experience in the plumbing industry for over 9 years, Ben provides a service that is second to none. Your Plumbing Solution currently services Darra and its surrounding suburbs.

The company believes in the service it delivers, which is reflected in the work provided.

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Camira QLD | 01st September 2018

Your Plumbing Solution owned by Mr Ben Graham was contacted due to discovering there was a small leak at our property. About 6 months ago there was a large leak detected near the end of driveway which was fixed within a day but cost alot of money due to the amount of water lost , not because of the work to fix the problem ! Mr Graham sent a young plumber, Mr Josh Morris out to inspect the problem. This was explained to Mr Josh Morris the afternoon he came out to look at the new problem and give an idea of how to fix the new problem with an approximate quote to do the job. , who suggested to us that because the leak was under driveway to by pass this by finding the mains water pipe that is nearest to the house and reroute the pipe as to save any problems in the future. This seemed like a good solution until the mains could not be found after Mr Josh Morris and Apprentice Mr Takuma Sasaki proceeded to dig a number of places in and around driveway which also had to be cut with a cement saw, they also dug close to house where they thought the mains should be. Due to not finding the mains in ground Mr Josh Morris suggested to go through the roof of the house to see if the mains could be located there and be attached there but that was not possible due to the amount of pipes in the roof so was disregarded as a solution , ( side note the roof is a flat tin roof and when Mr Josh Morris undid the screws to enter the roof it was noted that some of the screws where not replaced and we where told by a roofing expert that new screws should have been put back in due to the rubber seal on screws to reseal so moisture would not seep in and cause damage over time. ) As you can imagine this all took some time and we were becoming frustrated, the company then decided to call a leak detection agent as they didn't have this equipment even though their add on their web sight didn't advise this, nor did it state that they had to hire other tools like , cement cutters, and as stated a leek detector !!! This was yet another frustrating time as the leek detector had a lot of trouble finding the leak ( we spoke to other leak detection operators who have said the the leak detection machines are very good on grassy areas but not so good where cement is involved ) , in the end the Gent who was operating the device stated that the leak was under the driveway up close to the house and was very sure that if the cement was removed there about 1mtr square block the leaking pipe would be found there ! While all this was going on the gentlemen from your plumbing solutions were going off to other jobs and on some occasions when they said they would be back , they in fact didn't come back or even call us to let us know they had been held up somewhere and would be there the next day . I rang Mr Ben Graham to tell him my concerns of not even being given a phone call to allow me to do other things with my day if they were not going to come back to the house. This was becoming a very frustrating situation and was causing extreme stress in the house hold having to turn water on and off in the dark of night just to have a shower but the main stress was watching our front yard and driveway be dug up with NO result and or a solution in sight , meanwhile we could only assume the money side of it was getting out of control as we asked continuously for a itemized account update only to be told that at the time it was around the $900.00 at this point ??? Mr Josh Morris had informed us that his boss Mr Ben Graham would be coming to the sight in the morning and indeed he did (Aprox 10min). Greg Woodings and myself Annette Jones were present when Mr Ben Graham arrived He seemed pleasant enough and was surprised that the mains had not been found closer to the house or in the roof ? I also heard Mr Graham state that maybe they should dig up the original area that had been fixed just so they could get an idea in which direction the water pipe was pointed , Greg and I both heard him say this !!! At NO time did any of the workers of this company try this !!! The last thing I heard Mr Graham say was that Mr Morris and the Apprentice were needed at another job, it was then arranged for Mr Wade Ryan to attend the next day and assist in finding the mains by digging more and deeper while the other workers were away , Mr Graham then left and soon after so did the other workers. The next morning Mr Wade Ryan arrived, to my knowledge had a Shovel , a workmans radio and his phone , and of course a ute ? After digging for a time he was unable to find the mains just like the other workers.!!! I asked Me Ryan why no-one had dug where the leak detector had stated the leak was , Mr Ryan rang Mr Josh Morris and asked same question , while I could not hear all the conversation , Mr Wade Ryan the informed me he would have to go and HIRE a concrete cutter to do so , he left and after a time returned with the device , Mr Ryan cut the directed square hole in the driveway and started to dig but even though he did dig quite deep there was still no sign of any pipe much the Mains Pipe !!! It was around 2 pm that Mr Ryan then left the job after not been able to assist in finding the mains and having to return the HIRED tool ! Greg was called by Mr Josh Morris late that afternoon and advised that YPS couldn't find the leak, and advised he would send an updated acount and give two quotes, one for excavating driveway to locate mains and the second removale of sectors of roof to locate mains. All three were not returned and after one week Greg text Mr Josh Morris (No Rely) another week same result, we now firmly believe YPS have abandend this job. Invoice was sent out eventually on the 23/07/2018 and Mr Greg Woodings sent a letter of disaproval on the 24/07/2018. Mr Josh Morris eventualy called Greg Woodings in regard to the complaint and was discussed, that he would talk to the owner Mr Ben Graham and get back to Greg, two weeks later two text messages to Mr Josh Morris (No reply) the owners of the house recieved a late notice for the invoice and Greg Woodings contacted Mr Ben Graham in regards to the invoice, Greg was advised the invoice stands as is with NO discount for unfinished work or damage to property. Mr Ben Graham last words to Greg were (ARE YOU GOING TO PAY THE INVOICE IF NOT I WILL SUE YOU) Greg felt threatened and offened that the owner of the company would to speak to a client in that manner so decided to not continue the pointless conversation with Mr Ben Graham and hung up.