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Cost to install dishwashers

29th Apr '16 • By Emily Ayers

The cost to install a dishwasher depends on several factors. The next few lines will give you a quick insight on how much it can cost to install a dishwasher.


Dishwashers play an important role in every home. It is a powerful time saver and a tool that removes burdens from every homeowner’s shoulders. If you want professionally clean dishes, you must handpick an efficient dishwasher. Still, there are few quirks to installing dishwashers. First of all, you must hire a skilled expert for the installation. Give plenty of thought on who should install the dishwasher for you. If you are installing a dishwasher for the first time, give some thought on where, how and when it has to be installed.

The Figures

Most installers charge per job or project. And, few others incur hourly charges. In general, the hourly charge ranges between $30 and $60. The actual cost depends on the kind of equipment and skill required. Established service providers offer fixed quotes and fees between $100 and $200.


Know the Deciding Factors

When you want to setup a simple dishwasher in your home, the process will cost around $150. However, if the job becomes complicated, you must spend few extra dollars. The final price can be as high as $450. As mentioned previously, the final cost depends on many critical factors. This includes the presence/absence of plumbing lines, electrical lines and the location.


If the dishwasher has to be installed somewhere without plumbing or electrical lines, you will have to invest more. That is why you should hire a professional and discuss the situation with them. The service provider will help you understand the complications involved and how much it will cost to install a dishwasher.

Always remember that additional charges will be incurred only if the professional has to do additional work.

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