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Different types of splashbacks

7th Jun '16 • By Emily Ayers

When it comes to splashbacks, there are plenty of options to choose from. The right kind of splash back can give your kitchen an awe-inspiring look. When you pick a splash back, make sure the right kind of materials and shades are chosen. With this being said, here are few well known types of splashbacks to help you choose.

Here are few well known types of splashbacks to help you choose an awe-inspiring look.


The very first materials in splash backs would be “tiles”. Homeowners believe that tiles are easy to install, maintain and buy. Tiles are considered as a cost effective option for splash backs.


Glass splashbacks have grabbed the attention of many homeowners. Above all, window splashbacks are easy to maintain. They don’t have grout lines or hygiene issues.


Homeowners consider mirrors as an alternative intuitive option for splash backs. Large mirrors can make any room appear big. This is because mirrors reflect and bounce light. Moreover, mirrors create a stunning environment that is both stylish and elegant. If you don’t like the reflective effect of huge mirrors, you should opt for the tinted ones. These mirrors can offer you a dramatic environment. Tinted mirrors are sold in different options. This includes shades that range from rose gold to dark grey. Conversely, tinted mirrors can give the house an antique finish.


Butterfly effect marble is not a look for all kinds of houses. However, these splashbacks can help you create a visual statement. Butterfly effect marble is all about balance and space. It is much more than a single piece of mirror and marble.


Pressed metal is a modern splash back that is both traditional and decorative. The contemporary look of pressed metal gives homes an engaging effect. Luckily, there are many options to choose from. Naturally pressed metal can give your kitchen and living rooms a country style look.


Last but certainly not least, you can opt for exposed bricks. These bricks can give your kitchen a rough but industrial-styled look. Original brick walls can make any space appear big and real.


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