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Kitchen spaces we love

10th Apr '17 • By Kelly Milburn

There are so many beautiful kitchen designs out there it can be hard to pick a particular style. We’ve put together our 6 most loved kitchen spaces to help you choose.

Kitchen Spaces We Love
Kitchen Island Bench

This design works best if you have plenty of room to work with. With ample of space to prepare and cook meals, an island bench is ideal if you're an avid cook. Add in a few stylish stools to finish the look.

Island Bench

Let There Be Light

A kitchen without sufficient lighting is like making a ice cream sundae without the cherry. Proper lighting is key to make your kitchen look finished. Pendant lights above the island bench is gaining traction amongst interior decorators

Let There Be Light

Bring The Outdoors, Indoors

To create the ultimate natural look, add plants to your kitchen’s design. Another way to make your home more green is to install large windows to display outside greenery. This setting will make your kitchen and the outdoors almost seamless, thus providing an overall fresh look.

Kitchen Nature

Add Contrast

Try adding contrast to your kitchen. If you are looking for a themed kitchen, we recommend that you go with black and white as it is the ultimate combo to add contrast and sophistication to your kitchen. These two colours go great with most furnishing and appliances. You can experiment with different contrasting colours for the same effect.

Contrast Kitchen

The Use of Wood

You can never go past a wooden kitchen, there is something spectacularly simplistic and warming about this traditional style. The combination of wood and stone also work great together and can give your kitchen a polished look. 

Wooden Kitchen

Minor Changes

If you are not looking to renovate or change your entire kitchen, there are many decor options available. For example, you can create a “morning corner” in your kitchen, where you can keep all the morning necessities such as a coffeemaker, toaster, cups and mugs. You can also hang your utensils or re-paint the cabinets. These simple design changes can breathe new life into your kitchen!

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