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2024 kitchen tile trends

11th Feb '24 • By Shreya Kulkarni

When it comes to the kitchen, certain things never change: you want your space to be clean, practical, and comfortable.


When it comes to the kitchen, certain things never change: you want your space to be clean, practical, and comfortable. In terms of appearance, adding new tiles to your kitchen is the quickest way to change the look.

Our favourites are the backsplash tile patterns that can become a focal point of your space. A backsplash is a portion of the wall situated directly above the work area, between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets. It's intended to protect against fats and moisture and is regarded as an essential element of the kitchen.

So, whether you want a sleek new kitchen or some design ideas for a little spruce up, we've rounded up our top four kitchen tile trends.

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Article Summary

  1. Geometric tiles
  2. Hexagon tiles
  3. Mosaic tiles
  4. Stone tiles

1. Geometric Tiles

The backsplash in the kitchen should be sleek, long-lasting, and maintain the overall design of the space. Geometric tiles are one of the most common styles of finishes today. They add a fun pop of pattern and boldness to an otherwise boring kitchen. Polished marble, with its geometric shapes, is sophisticated and will look great on any kitchen wall or floor. Geometric tiles could be the way to go if you want to replace your boring old backsplash with a fresh, fancier pattern.

If you don't favour bright shades, you don't need to create a huge backsplash with colourful tiles — they also look great in kitchens with a neutral colour scheme. Of course, when done correctly, geometric tiles with subtle designs that blend into the colour palette of the room can be used to replace your typical kitchen floor.

2. Hexagon Tiles


The trend is to decorate the walls with hexagonal tiles that look like honeycombs. To bring a new twist on an old classic, a sleeker alternative to the conventional style is an industrial look. Add a simple hexagonal pattern to a wall to add dimension and character that will complement smooth copper, bronze, or gold kitchen fittings. Not only do they look amazing and effectively elevate your interior design, hexagon tiles are also very robust and hard-wearing.

There are many choices, and they are available in a variety of colours, finishes, materials, and sizes. Furthermore, hexagonal tiles are acceptable for any theme, no matter how bold or subtle.

Small white or cream hexagon tiles with light grout lines look classic, while the same tiles with darker grout lines look retro. If you are after an ultra-modern style, select dark, oversized hexagon tiles and awe your guests with a minimal, classy look.

3. Mosaic Tiles


If the kitchen backsplash has curves, niches, or arches that make laying wide tiles difficult – the interior itself hints at the mosaic's distinctive nature. These ceramic mini-tiles are used to line complex ceramic surfaces, as well as to edge the backsplash or its accent elements. Ceramic mosaic has all of the characteristics of a tile, but it can be made of multi-coloured glass, pebbles, enamel, and other materials.

The high cost, the need for professional installation, and the need for frequent cleaning are just a few of the drawbacks. Neutral-coloured mosaic tiles serve as a simple foundation for the other colours in the room pop. Mosaic tiles can also be used to create a great coastal kitchen too. Bring the ocean to your kitchen with beautiful blue glass tiles, or insert single ceramic beach tiles into a neutral backsplash.

4. Stone Tiles


Strong rock styles, such as marble, granite, and basalt, are commonly used for backsplash cladding. Granite has a high strength-to-porosity ratio, which ensures that moisture and debris penetrate the stone's surface less. However, a marble backsplash combined with a marble countertop appears trendy and luxurious. The luxurious stone texture, grainy pattern, different impregnations, paints, and stains will be used to decorate the kitchen backsplash.

A porcelain design is more costly than the previously described stone replacements, and is prone to scratches and high temperatures, but is easily restored. The charcoal grey backsplash made of natural quartzite is our favourite. The heat-resistant backsplash has a distinct natural texture that ceramic or porcelain tile cannot match. Furthermore, the lovely hue complements the grey and blue tones in the stone countertop. A travertine stone backsplash with natural hues, on the other hand, adds warmth and contrasting texture to an otherwise sleek and modern kitchen.

The kitchen is the busiest room in the house. And if it's paired with a dining room, it's possible that your kitchen dinner is the focus of your everyday life. So if you're looking to renovate a kitchen, you'll have to brace yourself for any regular disturbances till it is renovated. Find out how long a kitchen renovation takes here. 

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