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Autumn 2024 home colour guide

11th Feb '24 • By Emily Ayers

Give your home a fresh, new look this season with our autumn 2024 home colour guide!

Seasonal changes are always a great time to give your living spaces a completely new look and a match for the weather outside.

Discover our best tips below for taking advantage of your interiors this autumn.

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Article Summary

  1. Rich colours
  2. Earthy tones
  3. Matching features
  4. Refresh your linen


1. Rich Colours

Autumn represents a season of change, comfort and preservation. Rich colours are very popular for autumn, so go for dark purple and blue. These colours give your home a natural look and feeling and can also create a bold and dramatic visual. 

These hues work well as velvet and suede furnishings, paint colours, or decor pieces such as vases, paired with gold fixtures for an elegant aesthetic.

2. Earthy Tones

Another great colour palette this season is earthy tones. If you want to enhance your indoor experience, focus on deep greens, yellows and beige. If you wish to go a little further with your home’s decor, complement your new wall colour with nature paintings, thick throws and various pillows made of different fabrics. We also recommend putting up incandescent lights to add warmth to your space. In this way, they can also highlight these spectacular colours and accentuate the blend between paint and furnishings.

You may also seek further inspiration just by looking outside or browsing Pinterest. You will find this method useful if you’re going for a look that complements any season.  


3. Matching Features

You don’t have to spend much to add more value to the atmosphere of your home. Get matching or contrasting furniture for your newly painted wall. For example, a yellow-hued wall with a light brown tabletop would go great together and could give your home a vintage look! It is easier to match your furniture to the paint than in reverse. In general, experiment with a number of colours to see what works best but match only part of the surfaces in the room, not whole or complete surfaces.

The colour of the walls and furniture don’t have to be exact but try and keep them similar if you want a consistent look. Some home designers like to introduce floor colour as a third variant to give a totally complete look and feel. It doesn’t matter what form of flooring you have; tile, wood and carpet all work wonderfully well.

The colours offered above are based on opinion, and we know everyone has different tastes and ideas. However, feel confident that these are what are popular at the moment and also recommended by major paint companies. The years of experience that they bring to the table are noteworthy and a great guide to getting that look in your home that matches the mood and feel that you are trying to create.

Do your research and a fair bit of experimentation; check out all your local paint retail stores and look for guidance and tips when in doubt. Once you have chosen your preferred paint colour, look at moving furniture around to get the look just right. If your only option is to purchase different furniture, then set a budget and certainly do so. 

Whilst matching furniture to your walls is the way to go, other furnishing accessories like art are a different beast. Decades ago, people would buy artwork and stick it behind the couch or sofa. Art should be bought because the buyer finds it attractive, intriguing or as an investment. On the other hand, it should never be bought simply to match the furniture. Prints and murals are different, however, as they aren’t pieces of a collection. Instead, these do have the ability to help brighten up space and add to the ambience of a  room.

4. Refresh Your Linen

Another affordable way to change up your space for the season is by refreshing your linen. Buy a new quilt cover, sheet set, cushions, and throw blanket in the colour palettes mentioned above to completely transform your bedroom. This is a flexible option that you can update to match the surrounding atmosphere and season since they are so easy to change.

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