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White exterior paint colour ideas

Whether you've a contemporary home or a traditional brick building, a great way to change how people view your property is to pick a new exterior house colour. A beautiful white exterior paint scheme will add more aesthetic interest to your property and encourage buyers to purchase.
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The best exterior paint colours

Outdoor projects are a great way to rejuvenate your home’s appearance while adding value to your estate. Whether you’re designing a brand new home or trying to offer a fresh coat of paint to your house, it can be a daunting job to select from the different colour options.
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7 colours to paint your living room

When it comes to living room colour ideas, go for a shade that impresses you as it does your guests each time you enter the room. Opt for colours that can help exaggerate the size of the space while making it feel more comfortable and inviting. To create an inspiring resource tool, we have made a list of modern and traditional colours that will help you to make the most of your space with the best living room paint colours to last longer than any trend.
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10 modern paint colours for your bedroom

If you need a change in the bedroom, you don’t necessarily need to revamp the entire space and break your bank. New bedroom furniture, decorations and flooring can cost a pretty penny at the end of the day. And you might not even be ready to make such a dramatic change to start with. Simply changing the colour of your walls can help brighten the place, change the ambience and give your space a major facelift.
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10 ways to increase the value of your property

Are you a modern homeowner that would love to increase the value of your property? We have some expert tips!
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Painting Tips You Need To Know

Use these simple tips to help make your next painting job easier.
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How to Decorate with Green

When it comes to interior design, green can be a great colour choice. There are many shades of green out there that can be mixed with different colours to create a great feel in any room. Alternatively, you can simply mix shades of green between themselves and get a great interior.
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How much does Colorbond Roofing Cost? | 2020 Cost Guide

Colorbond roofing typically ranges from $18 to $36.50 per sheet, subjective to your choice in sheeting. You can expect to pay anywhere from $18,000 to $24,000 for new colorbond roof.
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How much does it cost to Paint a Pool? | 2020 Cost Guide

The national average cost to paint a pool ranges anywhere from $480 to $650, depending on the size of your pool area and materials needed. For example a cement pool that is say 20-25 square metres may cost $270 for a two-pack epoxy paint, primer and $105 for rubber paint.
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How much does a Spray Painter Cost? | 2020 Cost Guide

Spray painting is typically charged $14 per square metre and $28 per square metre, however this is very subjective to the complexity and location of the job. The hourly rate can be anywhere from $35 to $75 per hour depending on the professional.