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Does adding a carport increase home value

18th Nov '20 • By Rohit Mankame

Renovations always increase the value of your property. Renovations and home makeovers are never easy on the pocket. You only renovate when you need to get the top dollar back on your investment, so you should consider these 6 reasons to add a carport to your property as it will help add value…

Red car in drivewayCarports are a semi-covered structure built to store your car. Carports are open from at least two sides. It’s the most cost-effective way to shield your car from outdoor elements like rain, heat and wind. Compared to a garage, a carport is much easier to build and costs less. Carports can be attached to the house or can be free-standing. 

The most important thing to note is to keep your car clean and secure. It is best to hire a professional carpenter and builder to build a new carport for your property and in turn increase the value of your property

Luxury carport

What are the 6 ways in which carports add value to your property?

Create security 

One of the main significant things that people prefer to look for when buying a new home is a carport or a garage. Just like how a  pet can remain indoors in your house, but to maintain its condition for the better, your car still needs a home. 

This guarantees that the car is not exposed to dangerous UV radiation, fallen objects or bits of trees, harsh weather. Each hard working citizen aims to save on excessive car costs that can be induced by insufficient maintenance. 

A carport is the home of the car, motorbike, camper van or even a boat of the homeowner. After spending in buying a home, no home buyer would like to spend another sum of cash in a carport, but they choose one that already has a carport.

Carport with mercedes

Create a better first impression 

Often the first impression is the final impression. Without even entering your house, cars parking all over the lawn will make your home look cluttered and dirty. It even messes up the tyre tracks on your lawn's grass and makes your house look unmaintained. 

A carport will help tidy up your front lawn so you won’t need to park anywhere and also maintain your turf. A well-built carport will also make your front yard look more roomy and well kept.

Carport living space

Enhance your outdoor setting 

You might need to host a christmas or a new year’s party at your home and you might want to know how to arrange an outdoor setting? An outstanding outdoor space is one of the most important things that homeowners are hunting for. A wide backyard is perfect, so why not complement it with a lovely carport? You could build the ideal spot for the next family barbeque or those sleepy Sunday breakfasts in a matter of hours. Bring the great outdoors straight to your doorstep and create a chic but functional carport for an outdoor entertainment space. Well obviously you will need to park your car somewhere else for the duration of the party.

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Blend into your original architecture 

It might appear like a well-designed carport was constructed around the same time as your house, even though it may have been built years later. A DIY is a strict no-no if you plan to raise the value of your house, since it could end up looking like an utter tragedy that turns off the home buyer's urge to purchase the home. 

Professionals have a team of skilled technicians to help you create the look that is meant to make your carport appear to be part of the design of your house.

Carport with boat

Additional storage space

With the ever growing population and neighbours closer than they used to be, what we long for is a little spare room occasionally. Any little bit makes more and there's nothing like a storage saving space that makes the surroundings feel more roomy. 

A carport just does that. It's a perfect place to store your art table, ice box, equipment for carpentry and much more. This allows a future home owner to consider themselves to be having quite the bargain to provide storage space that once they see it they can already picture their stuff settled in.

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Add more living space

Finally, a carport might not be as important to their vehicular needs for certain green-living homebuyers. But it doesn't mean that this is not going to be a selling point. Today, they're built to be elegant and trendy. As a consequence, they are used more and more as shaded outdoor spaces for family barbecues and outdoor parties. 

Any outdoor relief from the hot Aussie sun will make a key aspect for a homebuyer. Carports are an easy and inexpensive way for your home to add value. A homebuyer is more likely to take your property seriously if your home comes complete with a carport and a sleek, appropriate one at that. 

50 dollar aussie currency note

What is the cost of building a carport?

So now you may be wondering how much does a carport cost to build? Carport costs can vary, depending on whether you opt for a carport kit, or a custom-built carport to protect your vehicles. A carport kit is usually the cheaper option, but you will still need a qualified builder to install it. 

A single carport kit can cost roughly $1200 - $2200. A steel double carport kit with skillion roof can cost from $2000 - $2500, while a spacious steel double carport with a gable roof can cost $3000 - $4000. A custom-built Colorbond steel carport with a skillion roof can cost from $4000, and a custom-built Colorbond steel carport with a gable roof can cost from $5000.  

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In conclusion, evaluate the right opportunities to add value that would be noticed by prospective buyers in your market and position while upgrading your house. There is no use in pouring money into improvements that buyers are simply not looking for in the city. If done correctly, though, added property value can theoretically give you up to an extra money come selling time.

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