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Get your home ready for spring

10th Oct '16 • By Emily Ayers

It’s time to put the dark throws and pillows away… it’s Spring! As the weather becomes warmer, we all feel the desire to refresh our homes and breathe life into our decor. Here are a few tips we've put together to get your home ready for spring.

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Clear the Closet
The first call to action is the closet. As the weather becomes delightfully warm, you can store away any coats and jackets. Now is also a good time to clean your closet, think about what you need. Are you going to wear that top again? Do you feel comfortable in it? If you can’t decide what to keep and what to throw away we recommend the following technique. As you wear clothes for the next 6 months put the coat hanger back the opposite way. When the 6 months has come to an end, throw away or donate the items that haven’t been turned around.


Light and Bright Bedding
Spring is the ideal time to ditch the wool blankets, thick duvets and flannel sheets. Try to opt for lighter and breezier cotton varieties. If you don’t want to go out and buy a light duvet, simply remove the duvets from the duvets cover entirely and store away.


You can change the complete look of your bedroom by choosing decorative curtains and pillows. Swap bed throws and pillows for brighter options. Remember that spring is all about color and life. 

Clear your Pantry & Fridge
Take advantage of the spring cleaning bug and clear the pantry and fridge. Get rid of any expired items and invest in storage containers and labels. This will make baking and cooking a breeze later on. 


Clean the Bathrooms and Kitchen
Dust all the cabinets, clean the appliances and wash the blinds. Try to get into all the nooks and crannies for that perfect spring look. Indeed, nothing can be as satisfying as a clean room and a shiny countertop.


Replace Batteries
Spring is also a good time to replace batteries in all smoke detectors and/or alarm systems. This is an important task that could save your life at an unexpected moment. 

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Time for a Power Wash
Finally freshen your deck, driveway, house exterior and pathways with a high pressure hose. Over winter, moss, debris and even mold builds up and can leave your home looking weary. Make your home look new again by hiring a cleaning hose or hire a professional to help you complete the job.

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