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5 last minute gift ideas for mother's day 2019

Picture this: It’s 2 days before Mother’s Day. You discovered this about 10 minutes ago when your sibling asks you what thoughtful gift you’ve bought your mum (obviously to determine who will be the favourite child this year). You rush to the closest shopping centre to get some quality gift inspiration, and all that’s left on the shelf is a pink foot spa that screams “I forgot to get you a present”. You give it to your mum, and it goes in the cupboard with the five foot spas she’s received the last several years.
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10 Must-Know Spring Cleaning Tips

Winter is over and the flowers are blossoming! It's time for you to embrace the new season with our must-know spring cleaning tips.
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Why professional cleaning companies are going organic

Going organic may be seen by some as a passing trend, but for others, it is part of their deeply held values of caring for their own health, that of the people around them, and this beautiful Earth that we’re lucky enough to call home.
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Cost of a Cleaner in Newcastle

Do you prefer to clean your home yourself, or have you considered having it cleaned by a professional? If you are located in the Newcastle region, here is what you should expect to pay for a professional cleaner.
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Cost of a cleaner on Gold Coast

Whether you’re looking for a recurring cleaning service or just a one-off cleaning job, we have a price guide based on industry standard rates in and around the Gold Coast region.
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8 Essential natural products for your home

When you’re choosing household items, make sure to choose natural products that keep your home green and your health in check.
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Low maintenance ideas for a cleaner-looking home

If you are looking for a cleaner-looking home that is easy to maintain, we have some useful tips to help you create a home that requires less attention but looks amazing.
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Why you should choose natural cleaning products

Have you ever stopped to think about the contents of your cleaning products when you’re in the middle of making your house spotless?
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How to clean the interior of your vehicle

Splish splash, your car needs a bath. Follow our step by step guide to have the interior of your car looking and smelling brand new.
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Cleanliness secrets... what to take into account before investing in a property

It’s every homebuyer and property investor’s nightmare—signing on the dotted line, handing your money over, and discovering a few months in the property you thought was the home of your dreams or your key to passive income is actually a lemon. If only you hadn’t based your decision on the way things looked on the outside and dug a little deeper into what was really lurking behind the freshly painted walls and the façade that looked the way you’d always pictured it.