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Important cleaning tips you need to know

16th Sep '16 • By Emily Ayers

Using the right cleaning techniques can save you time and increase the lifetime of your clothes and furniture. With this being said, here are few important cleaning tips you should know.

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Carpet Stain-01.jpgStain Removal - Carpet
A common misconception when trying to remove stains is to scrub them free. Unfortunately, furiously rubbing stains can cause them to embed further and become harder to remove. This technique also wears your carpet and makes the area appear stressed. Treat stains smoothly, by patting most of the stain out. Add cleaning product to the area and repeat. 

Clothes Stain-01.jpgStain Removal - Clothes
To remove stains from clothes, spray with a stain remover and leave overnight. Place the item in your washing machine on a cold cycle and this should remove any remaining stain. Do not use warm water as this can set the stain.

Detergent-01-01.jpgExcess Detergent
We all can be guilty of using excess detergent in our washing cycle. Unfortunately, doing so can actually make your clothes less clean! Excess detergent can cause smells to become trapped in clothes. 

Top Loader-01.jpgUse The Right Washing Powder / Liquid
Make sure you are using the right detergent for the right machine (i.e top loader for top loader machines). Top loader machines use more water and so top loader detergents are made to produce more foam. If you use top loader detergent in a front loader machine, you run the risk of damaging your machine.

Dusting cause dust to enter the air, which essentially moves dust from one place to another. Instead use  micro cloths, which collect dust.

Bleech-01.jpgGo Easy on Bleach
You should not overuse bleach while cleaning. Always be careful with the amount of bleach you use to get rid of stains like tears, blood or sweat. Go for natural options like lemon slices to remove stains.

Washing Machine-01.jpgUnbutton Shirts
Make sure you unbutton shirts before placing them in the washing machine. Keeping your dress shirts buttoned can cause stress and can cause buttons to loosen and eventually fall out.

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