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What does an architect do?

Simply put, an architect designs buildings. They conceptualise, design and plan the places where we work, learn and live. Architects are responsible for the creation of all buildings and structures, including homes, business offices, hospitals and churches. Architects do not perform solitary work when they are designing buildings. They often work with a team of professionals that can include drafters and designers, construction engineers and even urban development officials.

In most countries, the terms “architect” and “building designer” are interchangeable. It should be known, however, that in Australia, the term “architect” is reserved for those individuals who registered with the Australian Boards, while there is no registration requirement for building designers. This is an important consideration for those undergoing construction projects in the country.

How to Choose an Architect

Choosing an architect is one of the first steps in any construction project. It is important that you choose a licensed, insured and educated architect in order to help complete the project. When you begin your search for an architect if you find a couple of promising potential architects, continue by inviting them to the job site for a face-to-face interview. Discuss the type of construction that you need completed, give an idea as to your final vision and discuss important considerations such as your budget and construction timeline. Choose an architect that will meet all of the needs of your project.

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