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Concrete Cutting

What Does a Concrete Contractor Do?

Concrete contractors specialise in building many different structures using cement or concrete. This includes home slabs, building foundations, roads, pathways and sidewalks, among many other structures. Concrete contractors are sometimes referred to as concrete masons. They complete their work by pouring, shaping, smoothing, finishing and sometimes coloring concrete. Concrete contractors use highly specialised tools and supplies in order to do their work.

Types of Concrete and Their Use

You might be surprised to learn that there are a few different types of concrete. The types of concrete that are used most commonly in concrete construction include regular concrete, high-strength concrete, stamped concrete, high-performance concrete and ultra-high-performance concrete. Regular concrete is used most commonly in sidewalks and pathways and is available in pre-mixed bags for at-home use. High-strength concrete is more dense than regular concrete and is used in roads and parking lots. Stamped concrete is most often used for decorative walks and patios. Both high-performance and ultra-high-performance concretes are used for construction purposes in extreme conditions, such as areas with extreme hot or cold temperatures.

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