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The Importance of Drains


Drains and proper drainage are important components of a home. After all, if water enters your space, whether it be from a faucet, the shower or the rain, it must have a way to exit. Improper drainage can result in flooding and damage to your home. Homes and buildings utilize a drainage and plumbing system that allows for the removal and disposal of used water and fluid waste. Blocked or damaged drains or improper drainage systems can cause these important systems to fail.


The Types of Drains Found in Homes


Your home utilizes numerous drainage systems in order to properly dispose of waste water. Among the common drain types found in homes are circulating drains, sewer drains and storm drains. Circulating drains handle most interior drainage needs. It is responsible for circulating water from the hot water heater, through the home’s pipes and to the city sewer system for cleaning and disposal. Your home’s sewer drain is responsible for removing waste water from your home. This includes water from your toilets. Sewer drains remove soiled waste water and dispose of it into the city’s sewer system. Storm water drains are responsible for directing rain water and melting snow away from the structure of your home. These drainage systems use gutters and drain pipes to direct the flow of water away from your home’s foundation and toward the city sewer drains.


Maintaining Your Drains


Protect your home from possible flooding and damage by performing monthly maintenance on your home’s drain systems. Maintaining your drains can be simple. Begin by disposing of waste properly. Do not try to force food or other objects down your drains. Check your pipes routinely in order to avoid clogs and leaks. Fix plumbing issues immediately in order to avoid expensive damage down the road. Maintain your storm drains by checking your gutters and downspouts often in order to remove debris that may build up and cause leaks.

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