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Garage & Sheds

Types of Garages

A garage can be a useful addition to your property. It can provide you with extra storage, a place to work and a safe area to store your vehicle. Choosing the right garage and placement can greatly increase the value of your property.

There are two main types of garages. The first is an attached garage, which, as the name suggests, is attached directly to your home. There is an interior door that allows you to access the garage from a room in your home - most often the kitchen or a mud room. A detached garage is a stand-alone structure that is located close to your home, but not attached to it. Building a carport is an inexpensive option to achieve some of the advantages of having a garage - such as weather protection - without incurring the construction expenses.

Garage Doors

Having a garage is pointless if you cannot secure it. Choosing the right garage door for your property can greatly enhance the usefulness of your space and the value of your home. Garage doors are categorized by their moving components. There are four different styles available. These include swing out garage doors, swing up garage doors, rolling garage doors or sliding garage doors. The style options are endless. You will be sure to find a garage door with the right color and details to match your home.

Types of Sheds

Sheds can provide additional storage and work space for your property. They are an ideal space for storing lawn equipment, such as mowers and weed whackers, gardening equipment and outdoor gear and toys. They can also function as a workshop for home repairs or carpentry. Before choosing what type of shed you want to install, determine how it will be used.

Sheds come in many sizes and varieties. You can find small storage sheds with double-barn door access that are great for storing large equipment, like ride-on lawn mowers. Smaller basic sheds with a single door opening are a great place to keep small equipment and children’s toys. Other sheds have the appearance of a miniature home. They have keyed door access, windows and abundant work and storage surfaces that allow them to function as a workshop and storage area.

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