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What does a Glazier do?

Everyone knows that glass is extremely fragile. This fragility means that glass - whether it be a window on your home or a panel of your garage door - often needs to be repaired or replaced. Glaziers are professionals who are responsible for the removal of broken glass, replacement of damaged glass, and the selection, cutting and installation of new glass. In addition to the obvious window building and repair, glaziers work with mirrors, shower doors, table tops and display cabinets. Glaziers learn the trade by completing educational courses and gain hands-on experience by becoming an apprentice to experienced glaziers.

Types of Glass

Glaziers work with many different types of glass. The most common types of glass that are used in both the home and commercial settings include flat glass (also referred to as sheet glass), safety glass, float glass, annealed glass, laminated glass, coated glass, mirrored glass and extra-clear glass. Each type of glass has its own specific purpose. For example, laminated glass, which features at least two layers of glass with other materials between layers, is designed to be used where shatter-resistance is key. Laminated glass is the type of glass most often found in car windows.

Choosing a Glazier

It is important that you select a glazier with experience in the type of work that you need done. Search the Internet to find local glaziers. Contact each one by phone and ask about their education, experience and their work specialties. Ask for reference information and take the time to contact their references. Before hiring a glazier, review the written contract carefully.

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