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House Restumping

What is Re-Stumping?

Homes are supported by wooden posts known as stumps. Over time, these stumps become worn, rotten and damaged. The erosion of your home’s structural support can cause damage to your walls, floors and foundation. Restumping is the process of removing these old, damaged stumps and replacing them with new support stumps.

The restumping process is completed in five steps. First, the home is prepared for work to begin. Secondly, the house is lifted to expose the old stumps. The company will then dig the necessary holes and set the new support posts. The support posts are set in concrete. After the posts are set, the house is lowered onto its foundation and the work area is cleaned appropriately.  

Why Do You Need to Restump Your Home?

If you notice shifting in your home’s foundation, you might want to consider restumping. Also, if you are planning to invest large sums of money into renovating your home, you should have a professional examine your home’s foundation and determine whether or not restumping is necessary. It is important that you make sure your home’s foundation is sturdy before you invest loads of money into upgrades and renovations.

Choosing the Best Restumping Company

When you are planning a huge undertaking such as restumping your home, it is important that you elect to work with an experienced company. Locate potential candidates by doing some research on the Internet. Ask how long the company has been in business and how many homes they have repaired. Make sure that they are licensed and insured, and be sure to review the contract in detail prior to signing.

The Importance of the Right Reblocking or Restumping Contractor

Reblocking or restumping is a rather difficult task that requires the right engineers and workers to analyse, remove and restump or reblock a home. A reblocking or restumping contractor can help you find the right company; one that will do the job right. Whether it is reblocking a few blocks or replacing a single blown-out concrete stump, they can help you find people who will complete the job quickly and effectively. Most importantly, they will find you a company that meets your budget, ensuring you can reblock or restump, without breaking the bank.

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