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Types of Staircases

Stairs are an important component of any building. Even if your home or office building is a single story, you most likely need stairs to access the front entryway, basement or attic. In multi-level homes and businesses, the staircase is often a focal point of the building, holding a prominent position in the foyer or lobby. There are many design options when it comes to staircases.

Straight staircases can go from the first level to the second level in a straight line. They can also be designed in an L-shape, with a landing located between two straight lines of stairs. There are even T-shaped straight staircase designs, in which a single set of stairs goes straight up, joins with a landing and then branches off to both the left and right.

Single open staircases are often used in basements. One side of the staircase is attached to the wall while the other is open, allowing for storage. A freestanding staircase is similar, but does not attach to a wall and allows for open passage underneath the entirety of the staircase.

A popular space saving option is a spiral staircase. Spiral staircases curve around a center access and provide a vertical entrance way onto a second floor.

When constructing a home or installing a new staircase, be sure to consult with a licensed contractor or architect. These professionals will help you determine the style of staircase that best suits your space, determine the proper placement and support of the staircase and construct the staircase properly.

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