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5 helpful tips for growing beautiful trees

6th Jun '19 • By

If you’re looking to purchase a new tree to improve your landscape, there are a few key points to take into consideration. Climate is one of the first things you should really think about. It’s also important to check plant tags before you purchase, to ensure your new tree will survive well in your region.

helpful tips for growing beautiful trees

After making a note of these points, here are some more useful tips to ensure the trees you plant as part of your landscape design thrive in your garden.

Before planting

If you’re looking to purchase a new tree to makeover your backyard, outdoor area or the general image of your property, you need to do a few things first. Step one is to examine the soil that you intend to plant your tree in. The type of soil will affect how your budding tree will grow. Check the pH level, moisture or soil hardness.

Planting on hills can also affect certain trees, as they may not be able to take proper hold. Another factor to consider is the tree placement. If you are planting your tree near concrete or pavers, ensure its roots aren’t going to spread and become invasive.

This will undermine your home’s structure, by causing cracks or forcing the concrete to lift. Finally, check with your local council to see if you have any digging restrictions as you might hit underground power cables and water pipes. If you’re planning to plant your tree near power lines, permission will also need to be sought. If not, you can be charged down the track, if council needs to trim them back.



Ideally the best time to plant trees is during Spring, when the weather is pleasant. However, most trees can be planted at any time of the year, with the right kind of care.

Dig a hole up to the plant's current soil height and extend a wide area around the plant to allow for the roots to grow. Remove your tree from its container; if it doesn’t come out easily, use scissors to cut the container. Do not keep your tree exposed for too long as this can dry its roots out.

If you want to promote healthy root growth, sprinkle a small amount of super phosphate in the hole. Make sure your tree is upright and fill it with 1 part soil and 1 part potting mix for best results.

There are many brands of potting mixes on the market, however, choose the one that is of premium quality. Stake and tie the tree with string, cord or rope if necessary. This will enable the tree to grow vertically and withstand adverse weather conditions.



New trees require generous amounts of daily watering for at least a couple of weeks, until their roots are established. After that, once a week is fine, provided the tree is not dormant (or without leaves). Bear in mind that it can take one to two years for new planted trees to become really established.



Mulch is a material that is laid or spread over the soil surface as a covering. It is highly effective, because it retains moisture in the soil, keeps the soil cool, suppresses weeds, and makes the garden bed look attractive.

Organic mulches assist in improving the fertility of the soil, as they decompose. Organic mulch can include newspaper, grass clippings, composted manure, straw, shredded leaves, and much more. This is a great way to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Make sure you leave space for breathing, as it is best for tree health. Also don't pile mulch too high around the tree. This can cause the tree trunk to decay and is commonly known as “volcano mulching”.  Do not add fertiliser as this can burn out your tree.


Growing the tree

As the tree starts to grow, you need to continue with regular maintenance. This will help your newly planted tree to mature with little or no issues. When you have a large tree in your backyard you will be thankful for the time and effort you have put in!

The shade it provides and its ability to attract beneficial nature to your garden cannot be replicated in any other fashion. Sure, it will require you to prune it at times and often requires some kind of ladder to do so. However, the annual costs, which can amount to $90 dollars or so, is well worth the investment.


A final bit of advice; should the tree not look or be growing as well as you think, seek advice either online, from a professional Gardener or at any reputable garden nursery or hardware outlet.


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