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Kitchen layout features you need to consider

19th Apr '17 • By Emily Ayers

These layout features can help you transform your kitchen from good to great. Here are 5 kitchen design options you need to consider.

Kitchen Layout Features
Stone Bench Tops

There’s nothing like a beautiful stone bench top to highlight the design of the kitchen. One of the most prominent features in the kitchen, bench tops should be given careful thought. There are beautiful stones to choose from such as marble, granite and limestone. They come in varying textures and colors and can add just the right amount of finesse required for a great cooking space.

Stone Bench Top


Optimise your kitchen for usability to make cooking in your kitchen is a breeze. Organisation, accessibility and ease; these three key components that make up a functional kitchen. Install dividers inside drawers to create the best use of space. If you have odd drawer spaces, you can make use of them by installing a pull out spice rack or cleaning drawer. You can also place large pots and pans on racks for swift access and avoid rummaging through loaded cabinets.  

Kitchen Organisation

Bench Space For Cooking

The key to good kitchen is having enough space to prepare meals. Bench space is also one of the main considerations buyers look for in a home. Bench space vs storage space has always been a topic for debate and the solution is quite simple: what will you do with all the storage space if you can’t use the equipment inside?

Bench Space For Cooking

Pendant Lighting

Adequate lighting is a must, especially for a place like the kitchen. Apart from natural sunlight entering the kitchen, place lights in a way as to put the focus on the cooking area. The countertops and stove should be properly illuminated. Pendant lights work best and adds vibrancy and character to your kitchen. 

Pendant Lighting

Double Sink

Two is always better than one. A kitchen sink is constantly in use while preparing food or cleaning up. Install a double sink for optimisation and avoid any hindrances while you cook or clean. One of the many advantages of having a double sink is that if one is filled up, the other can still be used to rinse plates or store dirty dishes. 

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