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How to create an indoor vertical garden in your apartment

One of the most popular landscaping ideas is a vertical garden. However, these are just as effective indoors as well as outside. Vertical gardens can bring life and colour to your walls and less-attractive corners of your home.
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6 easy ways to transform the front of your home

The first thing that your guests or potential buyers notice is the front of your home. From how your lawn is mowed to how your entrance is decorated, the front of your home can leave a great first impression or make your home look run down.
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10 home styling tips you'll wish you knew sooner

A house becomes a home when you add your own style and personality to it. However, most people think less creatively when it comes to styling their homes. If you are someone who would love to style your home yourself and make it the beautiful place you’ve always wished for, here are some handy design tips to get you started.
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The ultimate guide to designing a space you’ll love

Designing a dream home and a space you will love should be exciting and enjoyable. Yet, when it comes to designing a new-build home, most people worry about investing a lot of time, money and energy, only to end up disappointed with the result.
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9 tips for setting up a successful airbnb investment property

Are you a property investor wanting to jump on the Airbnb bandwagon? Then you’re not alone as economists estimate that Airbnb guests contribute AUD $1.6 billion to Australia’s GDP.
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How to create a study environment at home

The biggest trouble children can have when they aren’t supervised by a teacher at school can be separating their need for play and comfort when at home and getting down to being productive and completing their homework. The major thing getting in the way in these situations is a lack of a suitable working environment. As soon as they enjoy the space, the higher the chances of them working. Here are some of the best ways to create the perfect study space for your kids!
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How to boost your productivity with your desk decor

Whether you work from a home or commercial office, you can create a desk that promotes productivity and creativity for your personal and professional development.
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Creating a smart home: 7 practical and stylish gadgets to get

Modern technology is on fire. We’re constantly getting new, more useful gadgets that make our homes and lives better. If the abundance of choices has you puzzled, no worries - These 7 home gadgets are among the best options on the modern market.
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7 affordable Airbnbs that will give you wanderlust

Not only can Airbnbs give you massive home design inspiration, they can also induce real urges to travel the world. Get inspired with these awesome Airbnbs.
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6 home decor tips for anyone on a budget

We at want you to love your home. However, sometimes we can’t always afford the home of our dreams straight away due to finances. We have some top decor tips for those of you on a budget.