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How to paint a ceiling?

22nd Oct '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

If you have decided to paint your ceiling yourself, follow the following steps that will make it easier for you. 1. Plan for your project, 2. Gather your supplies, 3. Prepare your ceiling, 4. Start with the edges, 5. Take frequent breaks. If you are not an expert, we recommend you hire a professional painter.

Painting your ceiling elevates your home’s design. It is one of the best ways to enhance your home interior. While it enhances the inner beauty of your home, ceiling painting requires so much time and energy to be finished. It can be daunting for someone who does not have experience in painting the ceiling. Nonetheless, do not be discouraged because they are many ways to paint your ceiling.

Article Overview

  • Ceiling Painting 101: When to DIY and when to hire a professional painter
  • How to paint a ceiling?
  • How does painting the ceiling enhance your home interior?

Ceiling Painting 101
When to DIY and When to Hire a Professional Painter

Your ceiling is an important aspect of your home interior that needs maintenance. While it looks complicated and hard to imagine, you have to paint your ceiling. It is mostly referred to as the fifth wall of your home, and it needs the same care and maintenance as the four walls of your home. Even if you have experience painting the four walls of your home, painting your ceiling can be daunting. You will definitely need the help of a local professional painter at one point or another.

For the talk on ceiling painting 101, you have first to identify when you should do a DIY ceiling painting and when you need to hire a professional painter. Here are some of the sentiments you can consider to make an informed decision.

When to DIY?

You can do a DIY ceiling painting job if you have been doing it for a while. It takes skills and experience to do ceiling painting on your own. If you want a simple colour and coating, you can opt to do it all by yourself. You can also do DIY ceiling painting if you just do spot painting or keep up with little paint cracks on the surface. DIY ceiling painting is advised when you paint just a small area of your roof or a roof for a room. The first and foremost thing is to start planning the colours you want, the days you want to do this project etc.

A little bit confused about how you will do it alone? Here are the steps in doing DIY ceiling painting.

  • Gather your paint supplies

Of course, your paint supplies are the most important thing. You have to ensure that you have a brush with the right thickness for the area of the surface you will paint. Buy the exact colour of the paint you need. Refer to paint codes or swatches to get the accurate colour. Lastly, do not forget the stepladder that you will use to reach your ceiling.

  • Prepare your ceiling

You can dust off your ceiling using a ceiling duster designed with a long handle to reach far and high places in your home. Ensure that the surface of your ceiling is clean and free of specs of dust.

  • Start with the edges and roll-out

If you are painting specific spots, you can directly roll out the paint to the spots and make sure that the coating follows the hue of the base paint. While if you have to paint the ceiling of the whole room, you can start with the edges to avoid mess and roll out to the whole surface. In this way, you can spread the paint neatly and evenly. Finally, wait for the paint to dry.

Most important thing is to take frequent breaks if it is the first time you have done it.

When to Hire a Professional Painter?

A professional painter can be your edge in painting your ceiling. There will be many instances when you will need professional service to finish the ceiling painting project. You can get the best and nearest painter deals by getting quotes from local painters, comparing them, and negotiating your way through the service that suits your preference and budget. If you are wondering how much a painter costs, we have prepared an extensive guide for you.

  • When your ceiling is high

High ceilings are hard to reach, and you cannot just climb a stepladder to paint them. It is such a huge risk to climb up and paint high ceilings. You have to hire a professional painter to reach the ceiling safely. It will be such a big burden to you and your expenses when you risk straining yourself and falling from trying to paint your ceiling.

  • When you need to scrape off old paint

Scraping off old paint can cause outbalancing when you are standing on a stepladder. But with expertise and experience, a professional painter can scrape off the old paint fast and neat. It is very important that you scrape off the ceiling surface and make it free from any form of small cracking paint. If you fail at keeping the surface smooth, it may negatively affect the polish finish of your painted ceiling.

  • When you want a special finish

You need the skills of a professional painter for the final finish of your painted ceiling. If you want a well-polished ceiling, glossy, textured, or matte, all of these are efficiently done by a professional painter. So, if you want a specific and special finishing for the surface of your ceiling, call a professional painter to explain the appropriate ceiling finishing for you.

How Does Painting The Ceiling Enhance Your Home Interior?

Painting your ceiling enhance your home interior. Here is how.

  • Painting the ceiling of your home makes it look like a bigger space. When you paint the ceiling, it creates an illusion that it is higher than it actually is, and it widens the perspective of your interiors, making it look like a bigger space.
  • Painting the ceiling of your home elevates your interior design. Having well-polished wall paint is great, but it creates more impact on the interior design of your home when coupled with a painted ceiling. It adds aesthetic value to your interiors.
  • Painting the ceiling of your home enhances the design of your interior. It creates a bold design feature and makes the element of your interior stand out. It works for ceiling colours that complement the colour scheme of your home interior.
  • Painting the ceiling of your home adds accent and impact to the space of your home. With the right ceiling paint and polished finish, your painted ceiling can add accent and impact to the overall look of your home.


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