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How to secure your garden

9th Nov '20 • By Rohit Mankame

Home invasions reported in your area? Now you’re finding yourself being concerned with the security and safety of your garden home? There are a lot of sound measures you can take to make your garden more secure, and reduce the risk of a break in. Find out the 5 ways you can make your garden more secure….

Gardeners with leaf cutterAll of us will be looking forward to spending time in the garden as summer progresses. As the temperatures soar, so does the risk of criminals targeting your garden as crime spikes in summer. 

You can take plenty of sound steps to make your garden safer and reduce the chance of a break in. And you won’t need to sacrifice the look of your marvellous garden! Look to hire a professional gardener or a Security, Alarms & Surveillance professional to keep your garden secure. 

Many of these protection measures will also make for a perfect aesthetic addition to your garden as well. Here are our 5 ways to make your garden more secure…

What are the 5 ways of making your garden secure?

Garden fence

Add Fences and Gates

Fencing is an important aspect of any house. It gives you a sense of safety and although, it is possible to handle the job on your own, but you should make sure that the fence is properly erected, physically sound and safe. Also, there will be a lot of work involved in taking the proper measurements and preparing the fence, so keep this in mind when deciding if you should tackle the project as a DIY.
Burglars can be discouraged by fencing that is hard to scale or pass through. The majority of the fence panels you can buy are super powerful now. We would recommend buying fencing that's big and at least 6 ft high.

Fences can also discourage burglars with sharp points on the end, and this kind of fencing doesn't have to look unpleasant at all. Plant spiky climbers on the side of the fence if you would like an extra layer of protection. 

Brown door with latch

Now you should also pay attention to your gate and ensure it has a strong locking mechanism. The ones we suggest you use are the ones with latches that lock behind you when it closes down. People often put latches on their gates that, like the one in the picture, they can open by hanging their hand over the top of the gate. For burglars, this is super handy and, while it can make your life easier, consider the danger!

Green wall for privacy

Plant Barriers 

Using plants as barriers. It's a smart way to make something pleasing that keeps out trespassers. A very robust barrier would be created by any kind of thick hedges with intertwining branches. Thorny and spiny plants are great deterrents found along the base of fences or under windows, while still looking fantastic in both the front and back garden. 

These also also provide good nesting away from predators for birds, so you can keep both your garden habitat and your patio heater secure. Plant deterrents do not have to be evergreen, some thorny and spiny plants flower as well. These plants can also enable you to make the backyard fun for kids.

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Some of the common plants you can use are:

  • Pyracantha
  • Aralia
  • Chaenomeles
  • Ribes
  • Oplopanax
  • Elaeagnus
  • Robinia
  • Colletia
  • Ilex
  • Climbing roses

Garden lighting

Outdoor Lighting

It’s never easy deciding what outdoor lights best suits your needs. So, how do you choose the best outdoor lights? Outdoor lighting is a great way to showcase the best features of your home and garden, as well as help you arrange an outdoor setting. Make sure you hire a trusted electrician to avoid the risk to you and your property as a DIY job can cause severe damage.

In order to provide additional protection for either the front or the back of the house, motion sensor lighting is perhaps the most effective outdoor lighting. Sensor lights are reasonably low-cost and serve as excellent deterrents. You can point them to paths, decks, patio areas, or even thick areas of vegetation where people can hide easily. 

Make sure your security lights are mounted high enough that they won't be easily manipulated. Also regularly check your lights and, when needed, and change bulbs as quickly as possible.

hand holding door lock

Secure sheds and outbuildings

Do you keep your lawn mower, barbeque, garden tools, kids bikes and toys in the shed? Well, all this equipment is appealing to burglars. How often do you lock your shed or outhouse? Does it even have a lock?

One of the best ways to protect your shed is to fit the door with a fine, high quality padlock. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be for a thief to pick open a lower quality lock. Use a padlock latch with hidden screws and batten the inside of the shed where the padlock is fixed to make it secure. 

You should also check for old broken panels and disrepair, as criminals might use this disadvantage to break in. Add blinds to your winds, so that people cannot see what you’re storing inside. 

Another thing you can add to your home is a house alarm to protect outbuildings. Get a motion detector to face the opening of your shed. It will go off when you get home invaders.

cctv camera in garden

Install a CCTV System 

Do an inventory of your garden-you may be shocked at how much the garden things are worth! Then pull out the insurance for your home contents and see what is covered in your garden and what is not, as insurance policies differ greatly. 

Consider getting a CCTV system mounted. A fake camera does a decent job of deterring some burglars, but there are committed criminals out there who can tell the difference. You'll have hard evidence of the crime and the suspect if you use a real camera.

While a shed or house may never be 100 percent burglarproof, following the above measures makes it as difficult as possible for anyone to force entry. Protecting your garden and house can be pleasing and good-looking. Use modern security equipment and plants that add to your house's aesthetics while also keeping criminals well away!

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Who should you hire to get this job done?

Gorgeous gardens undoubtedly increase their owners’ property value. Experts, real estate agents and garden owners agree that this is true and that gardening is a cost-effective way of increasing your home value. 

For starters, you should definitely hire a professional gardener. But, before you hire a gardener, make a complete checklist of the tasks your gardener should perform. Also, make sure you ascertain if the gardener charges by the hour or charges for each task separately, whether you are hiring a gardener or a garden maintenance service.

Group of gardeners

Also, It is recommended that you hire Security, Alarms & Surveillance professionals to look at your property to make it safe.

Gardens can help increase the value of the property and can add value to the overall experience of a property. Many homeowners focus on making their front lawn visually appealing, but they should also focus on making the garden safe and secure from home invaders. 

hand holding cctv camera

Finding gardeners in your area by seeking referrals from friends, family and associates and calling each of them can be a tedious task. provides thousands of users with various businesses from Security, Alarms & Surveillance professionals and gardening. Simply search for tradesmen in your area and select the business that best suits your needs. 

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